Flash Fiction : Flash in Ten Chapters

Red demon eyes evil monster darkBoy, Wow, Gee-willigers and holy crap has it been a while since I’ve written any flash fiction. Plenty of excuses( well isn’t there always?) but they aren’t important. The important thing is that I am here to lay a fresh batch of flash fictiony challenge on “yo ass. y’all”.

Hmmm, not sure I’ll try that street talk malarkey again, aaaaaand technically, I’m not laying any kind of flash fiction challenge on a bottom of any kind. I am merely participating in the flash fiction challenge expertly hosted by Mr Wendig at Terribleminds.com.

The challenge this week is to write a piece of flash fiction of no more than a thousand words, except this time we must present it as ten chapters. No other things to consider here, nevertheless I feel that the challenge part of the title may be true to its word.

Here it is…


1.    Words

Geoff Kedger

29 years old

Favourite colour green

Love pizza

Hate seafood

One sister, Janine

Father left mum when I was 7

Had appendix out at 9

Blonde hair

Green eyes




Geoff didn’t care about typos or slips of grammar, only the words mattered. He frantically typed as many words as he could about himself, so there would be some record of himself; something to help people to remember him once he’s disappeared.

Life is crap

Trailer trash wife left me for best friend.

Fired from Java Hut

Hiding from the landlord



It’s after me


2. Home

Geoff had closed the blinds. The thin slices of light that shone into the room periodically highlighted the stained and rubbish strewn cream carpet, the bashed and shabbily repainted furniture and the torn posters that strategically covered up the many holes in the walls. The room was filled with the smell of congealed pizza and gone-off milk, and the only sounds were the frantic clackity-clack of typing and the phzzt of the occasional blue-bottle caught in the bug-zapper.

His life had gone down the toilet, but he couldn’t let himself be forgotten.

3. Story time

Geoff’s typing slowed as he thought about the first time he’d seen it. He’d ordered the $2 Special one morning at the only restaurant he could afford, when he saw something green and reptilian skulking around underneath a table. It peered out from underneath the chequered tablecloth, its red eyes staring at him surprised it’d been seen.

Before Geoff could say anything it had leapt on to Harry’s shoulder, the miserable-looking waiter serving the table next to his, and bit into his shoulder. Harry stopped, frozen, his small notepad and pencil dropped to the floor.

 4. Memories

After that, no-one remembered Harry? Nobody at the restaurant, nobody at the bus stop, Harry had just stopped existing. Harry wasn’t the only one either, since that day he’d seen the creature four times, and each time it had remained unnoticed even while he’d sank his teeth into his victims.

The images of that horrible thing haunted him. How many people had just gone? What if i had already taken people from him, and he couldn’t remember.

5. Panic

He carried on bashing away at the keyboard, sweat dripped from his forehead. It would find him eventually, and he wasn’t even sure this was going to work, but it was his only plan.

First girlfriend was Leina

First pet was Reggie an Alsatian.


Drives…. drove a yellow Fiesta

Didn’t have breakfast this morning

Prefers light beer

Taken drugs once

Been in hospital once, after collapsing….


There was a loud scratching at the door, a scratching so loud that Geoff stopped typing and turned round in his office chair to face the door. It was here.

6. Guest

Geoff opened the drawer of his desk and reached for his pistol, grabbing a handful of bullets but dropping most of them. He propped himself up against the far wall, and sat facing the door, the pistol in his shaking hands pointed in front of him.

His breathing was deep and unsteady, and his heart thumped as he stared at the door unable to look away. The creature’s scratching had become louder and more frantic. It had found him and Geoff knew the door couldn’t stop him. Geoff checked the chamber of his gun, it was full. It would have to be enough.

7. Shots

A green clawed hand ripped through a door panel. Geoff fired; the shot blew a two-inch hole in the cheap wooden door. A red eye peered through the hole and blinked before the creature continued its assault. Geoff fired again, peppering the door with more bullet holes, but the creature continued undeterred from its target.

As the door splintered, more of the creatures green scales showed through the broken door. Geoff kept firing until the unwelcoming click-click sound of an empty chamber forced him to try to reload.

8. Fight

Sensing this opportunity, the creature broke through the last remnants of the door and ran across the floor towards him. Geoff’s hands were shaking too much to reload, he dropped the gun and swiped at his attacker but his hands passed through it as if it was made of smoke.

The creature did not have the same problem. It pounced on to Geoff’s chest and sat there, watching him; its tongue flicked at Geoff’s cheek, its red eyes blinked and a smirk spread across its thin lips.

“What are you?” asked Geoff. “Please… please don’t.  Don’t make me go”

9. Teeth

The creature’s jaw elongated, and stretched out to show a ring of small yellow teeth. Geoff instinctively put his hands up to defend himself but the creature darted forward through Geoff’s hands and sank its teeth into his shoulder. Geoff felt nothing, not the bite, not his heart racing, nor his own rapid breathing.

Geoff looked around for the gun, wondering if he could end it before it was too late. He reached out, but his hand passed through the butt of the gun. As Geoff faded away, he looked towards the computer screen, and saw his words fade with him.

10. Reality?

“Mr Kedger? Your wife rang.”

Geoff opened his eyes and looked up. A young, familiar, smartly-dressed man stood in front of his desk. Looking around his office; Geoff saw wood paneled walls filled with framed certificates, large viewing windows that looked out over Manhattan, and a tasteful but expensive piece of office art that stood in the corner of the room.

“Hmmm” Geoff rubbed his shoulder, his head fuzzy.

“She won’t be landing today because she’s meeting her press agent. She said she’ll ring you from the yacht.”

“Hmm” Geoff repeated.

”Are you ok, sir?”

“Yes, fine. Thank you. Harry “

Harry nodded and turned to leave the room.

“Oh, Harry? Could you cancel my lunch order? I’m not in a seafood mood today.”




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