Flash Fiction : Foxglove, Lollipop and the Djinn

flash fiction purple smoke gas cloudAfter last’s weeks storming effort to get the Flash Fiction challenge written and uploaded with hours to spare, I’m making sure that this bugger is written in plenty of time. At least that’s the plan. My day is empty apart from trifling pieces of work that keep interrupting me, so there really is no excuse.

This week’s Flash Fiction challenge is a bit of a flash back to earlier challenges, The five random words challenge. Chuck has given us five random words that must form part of the flash fiction.

When I saw the words I instantly had images of those old school reading books, and knew just what I had to do. I’ve chosen Foxglove, Lollipop, Topaz, Djinn and Casket and I’ve got 1000 words and any genre to write about.  Hope you enjoy it, and always looking for comments.

Foxglove, Lollipop and the Djinn

Foxglove and Lollipop skipped happily through the green meadow. The sun was shining, and the meadow was speckled with colourful flowers. Foxglove and Lollipop were sisters, who loved skipping and playing together. Foxglove wore a purple dress, with a pretty bow in her red hair. Lollipop wore a pink dress, with a red ribbon in her blonde hair.

“We must be careful” said Foxglove. “We don’t want mud on our new dresses.”

“Yes, it would make Father very said” agreed Lollipop.

“I wish Father would give me a beautiful necklace like yours. The tops is so pretty.”

“It’s a Topaz, dear Foxglove and it is not yet your birthday. I’m sure father will buy you one when you are sixteen.”

‘I hope it will be as sparkly as yours.”

The two girls skipped off hand-in-hand across the meadow. They were singing so merrily that Foxglove didn’t notice the wooden box hidden in the grass. She tripped on it and fell.

“Oh poo” said Foxglove. “Look at my dress now, it’s all dirty. Silly old box hiding in the grass.”

Lollipop picked up the odd-looking thing. It was small, light, wooden and covered in ornate and delicate carvings.

“What do you suppose is in there?” asked Foxglove.

“I don’t know but we had better leave it alone. It might belong to someone.”

“You are a fussy thing, Lollipop. It might be full of gold, or sweets.”

As Foxglove undid the brass clasp of the box, the box flew to the floor, the lid opened, and purple smoke billowed out from the small box. The smoke took on the size and shape of a man, dressed in fine coloured silks and a fine cloth of gold wrapped around his head. His legs remained as purple smoke that faded away.

“Wow are you a genie?” asked Foxglove. “Are you going to grant us three wishes?”

“Wishes?” said the purple smoke figure.

“Foxglove?”  said Lollipop.

“Of course” said Foxglove, ignoring her sister. “If you’re a genie then you have to give us three wishes.”

“I have to give you three wishes, do I? Well, I had something very different in mind.” The djinn smiled a beaming smile, showing rows of tiny glinting teeth.

“Foxglove, get away from him” said Lollipop sternly.

Foxglove looked at her sister. She was no longer smiling. “Don’t be such a worry-wart, he’s our friend.” Foxglove turned round and found the djinn bearing down on her. He had grown to many times his own height, his sharp teeth now inches long and his large fingers ended in deadly talons.

Foxglove let out a brief scream, but she was quickly silenced by a sweep from the djinns massive hand that knocked her out.

Lollipop looked over to where her sister was laying. She had heard of djinn’s from her father, as well as other creatures that lived under her bed and went bump in the night.

“So little girl, or as I shall like to call you, hors d’oeuvre. Still after those three wishes? Maybe those wishes should become pleads for your live.”

“Surprise” Shouted Lollipop with a grin. She leapt at the djinn, and landed a powerful kick that it only just avoided. The next punch cracked the djinn on his jaw, splintering his teeth like broken glass.

This enraged the djinn, who lunged and swiped at Lollipop. She expertly blocked, and dodged every attack but it was pushing her back, and she didn’t see the fallen tree branch behind her. She stepped on it and lost her footing, and fell to the floor. The shadow of the mighty djinn fell over her.

The djinn raised both of his hands and brought them down as hard and fast as he could. Lollipop rolled to the right, stood up and then kicked him as hard as she could between his legs.

Bellowing with rage, the djinn clawed at Lollipop. She was quick but his claws caught her side, slicing open her dress and waist. Lollipop touched the wound and brought her bloodied fingers up to her mouth. When she tasted her own blood, her lips curled into a sneer and her heart pounded as the rage came upon her. She punched, kicked, clawed and bit at the djinn. For every rage-filled attack he avoided he was hit by to two or three more.

The djinn collapsed. Every one of his bones had been broken and his face was little more than pulp. “Please…. please, stop” wheezed the djinn. “Who are you…?”

The rage had taken its toll on her body, her muscles ached, her hands were broken and bloodied and it took all her strength to pull herself from her target.

“Get… back… in… your box.” Lollipop said, through rage filled growls. “…and get your purple djinn ass back to your own dimension.”

His body turned pale and faded, then turned into smoke that curled and twisted back into the ornate wooden box. The lad slammed down and the small clasp locked. With a sound like paper tearing, the box distorted and then blinked away leaving nothing left.

The rage had gone but Lollipop was in a bad way, and her sister would likely wake up soon. She clutched the jewel around her neck in her broken hands. Her wounds, the blood stains, the tears all disappeared. It was not healing her, just hiding her wounds but it would do the trick until she got home and her father could heal her.

Foxglove’s eyes opened and she smiled prettily when she saw her sister.

“Oh, deary me. Did I fall asleep?” asked a weary Foxglove “I had such a silly dream. There was a genie, and… and…”

“Oh you are a silly thing.” interrupted Lollipop. “We should go home. Father will wonder where we are. I have a few things to speak to father about.”


“Yes, my sister?”

“What’s a djinn?”


11 thoughts on “Flash Fiction : Foxglove, Lollipop and the Djinn”

  1. Love the style! My dictionary defines djinn differently from genie, but I don’t suppose it matters 🙂

  2. You see, now I’m wondering about the feasibility of kicking a creature in the groin that is part-ethereal from the waist down. This piece raises important questions! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I never said waist down, only that legs we’re smoke. 🙂 I can’t imagine turning your John Thomas into smoke has any positive effects. Unless you had to wear Lycra or leggings or something…. Hmmmm, mind you it would have helped the djinn in this story.

      Thanks for reading.

  3. Cool! I can’t help myself though. . . recommend you run a proof-read before posting. . . but the story is good. I want to know more about these two and their world.

    1. Certainly glad you liked my story. Less glad that my arch nemesis, the typo weird grammar goblin made an appearance. Or was it another of my gremlins showing up this time? 🙂

  4. Jim, I find the narrative voice quite young, given that the eldest girl is 16, even if it is another world. I think your idea was a good one though.

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