Flash Fiction Monster Fantasies

I’m falling behind again with my flash fiction entries, but I have been holiday so honestly not caring too much about that. You gotta have priorities. Well, there’s a day left for me to have a go at this week’s flash fiction challenge at Terribleminds.com.

For this week’s challenge we had to take an opening line from last week’s opening line challenge and, guess what? Yep, we had to use it as the opening line for a piece of 1000 word flash fiction.

I chose Ruth Dupre’s line…

“I’m hungry; let’s kill someone.”

Hope you enjoy it.

Monster Fantasies

“I’m hungry; let’s kill someone.”

Sally looked down at her little brother, and frowned. Bobby was nine and he had seen his first vampire movie last week and now all he talked about was vampires. He’d slicked back his hair, covered his face with white make-up and glitter so he’d get that sparkling look. Sally was old enough to go out by herself and enough of a teenager to be very easily embarrassed by the antics of her younger brother. She didn’t want to take him with her to the store but their mum had insisted, she had said that they needed food but she probably just wanted some time away from all of his vampire talk too.

“You’re not a vampire, Bobby” she said, as he ran around her flapping his cloak.

Bobby reared up in front of her, and held his cloak open in vampire fashion. “I am very hungry. I vaant to suck your blood”

It was night time, and just knowing there was less chance of being seen with her idiotic little brother made the trip bearable for her. She’d just hoped there was nobody at the store she knew. She could always just tie him up outside, a smile crossed her lips. Ah who was she kidding, she loved the little idiot even if he did absorb every fad that crossed his path. Two weeks ago it was superheroes, before that it was race car driving, and before that being an astronaut. There was always something, so all she had to do was wait until it faded away and hope it was replaced with something less embarrassing.

“Come on. If we don’t get to the store they want have any food.” Sally grabbed her little brother’s hand and led him down the street.

“All I need is blood… your blood.”

“No, you need more than that.”

“Not me. I’m a big bad vampire. I will bite your neck and drink your blood…”

“For god’s sake shut up!! Just shut up about vampires will you.”

Bobby pouted and stamped his feet. “You’ll be sorry you spoke to me like that when I become a real life vampire. I’m gonna suck your blood and turn you into my slave then you’ll have to do whatever I say. Even if it’s like really gross, like taking out the trash. You’ll have to say “Yes Sir” and then I’ll make you kiss that boy at school you really like, but first I’ll have bitten him so he goes “Yeeeugh” right in your face……”

“Aaaaaaargh. Holy Christ Bobby! Vampires do not exist. They are a fictional creation, made up by writers. If vampires did exist they would not be the dominant species they would be internationally hunted down and destroyed. How many things does a monster need to be vulnerable to anyway, fire, holy water, decapitation, stakes through the heart. If vampires did exist they wouldn’t wander through the streets screaming “I vaaant to suck your blood” and wearing glitter make-up, they would skulk around in fear of their lives only coming out to feed. Is that really what you want for yourself Bobby? To be hated and forced to hide from everyone? Plus, no one would want you living forever. There aren’t many people who could stand you for more than a few hours never mind eternity. Now can we please just get to the store?”

After her tirade there was just silence, just a few seconds of complete nothing until Bobby started crying. Her anger quickly faded away to guilt. She didn’t like making her brother cry, but her temperament sometimes flared up, and she lashed out. Apart from anything else there was no chance she could avoid a scene now, her brother was making way too much noise for that.

“Why won’t you let me be a vampire?” he wailed. “It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted.”

Sally kneeled in front of her brother. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to say those things. I’m just hungry and you know I tend to snap at people when I’m hungry.”

“Yeah, well you’re still mean.” Bobby stared at his feet. “Vampires are real.”

“I know they are. Sorry.” Like many people when faced with a crying child she was not against lying to them or using bribery “I tell you what, when we get to the store I’ll get you some kiddie snacks. Would you like that?”

Bobby sniffed and looked up at his sister “Really? I like them. They taste nice.”

“Ok, we’ll we’re nearly there.”

Bobby’s sadness had stopped as quickly as it had started. His eyes were still red with tears but he was smiling and running off down the street flapping his cloak again.

“Don’t go too far” Sally called after him.

The store came into sight. The sign’s harsh neon lighting reflected in the puddles in the car park.

“We’re here.“ Sally smiled at her brother then looked up towards the moonlit sky. “Time to eat. You ready?”

Bobby looked back at his sister, smiled and nodded.

As they stared at the moon, their transformations began. Their jaws elongated and filled with lines of sharp teeth, and their pink skin sprouted thick black hair. Within a matter of seconds Bobby and Sally had both transformed into a large black wolf that howled at the moon, and charged towards the doors of the store. Inside the store, Sally saw a young woman with two young children. The woman screamed as she saw the two large black wolves run towards her. Bobby would get his kiddie snacks tonight.


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