Flash Fiction: The Street

Abandoned Street broken ruin desolate destituteI had some spare time today, so I figured “Why the hell not. Why don’t I write some flash fiction” I do tend to curse and speak rhetorically in my inner monologue, it’s unfortunate but there you go. Anyway to add a bit of a twist to my piece of flash fiction, I generated ten random words that must be included within it, from this site here.

I have set a word count of 200 words, which means that at least 5% of the words have been randomly generated.

Thirdly, I am giving myself only half an hour to write this. The time limit is the real kicker.

The words I have to use, are…

  • noxious
  • elegant
  • youthful
  • lock
  • tire
  • green
  • sister
  • camera
  • street
  • van

I’m always keen to know what you think, so please feel free to drop a comment in the spaces below.

Or, even better, if you think you can use those words for a different piece of 200 word flash fiction, either drop me a link in the comments or pop on the hole piece of fiction. I’d be very interested to see what you an so with them.

Here it is…

The Street

The sun was just starting to set, and the gentle wind blew leaves and old pieces of newspaper down the cracked tarmac. The van now parked on the corner for months sat there with a blown tire, a broken lock and a smashed windscreen. The street was still, except for the woman with green hair, and one eye.

No-one knew what the air would do before it was too late. A noxious gas had crept into  town, and changed everyone. Husbands turned on their wives, sisters killed brothers, and best friends tore at each others throats.

The woman’s messy green hair obscured her dirt and blood streaked face. Her youthful, elegant looks now lost behind a sneer. She’d killed her own sister, the sister she had once vowed to protect. Now she prowled through the streets lusting after the joy of the kill.

Yet there was another feeling inside. A feeling growing inside of her, a feeling that didn’t feel right. She placed both of her hands on her swollen stomach, and felt a gentle kick in response.

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7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: The Street”

  1. Very good flash fiction tale! The dark, creepiness is right up my alley (filled with noxious fumes, of course)! There is so much going in in your story! And eerie ending!

    Love the idea of generating words to be included! I may pilfer this my flash fiction challenge!! TIV

    1. Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Re-reading the ending it is kind of eerie. I think when I wrote it, I was going in the direction of a boring old human baby, but I think I prefer your version.

      I’ll keep an eye out for your flash fiction challenge. It’ll be fun.

  2. great story – I really like your descriptions here, especially the unsettling, post-apocalyptic vibe in this one town. And I’m jealous that you could write that in half an hour!

    1. Thanks, post-apocalyptic is what I enjoy, that and twilight-zone-weird craziness.

      I expected it to be a little more rough and ready myself but I got kinda lucky with the words, they conjured up an image almost immediately.

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