Flash Fiction: Blast of the Past

Old ArmchairI enjoyed the flash fiction challenge that I set myself yesterday, so I thought I would do it again today. The subject matter is certainly different from yesterdays, but still had fun writing it.

I’m going to use the same rules as yesterday’s challenge. I randomly generate ten words (from this site). All of the words must be used within a piece of flash fiction of no more than 200 words and all of this must be done in less than half an hour.

The words I was given were:

  • slow
  • cold
  • linen
  • teeth
  • stitch
  • alcoholic
  • error
  • amuck
  • bomb
  • cough

If you want to have a go at the challenge, by all means do so. I’d be interested to know what you would write. You can either pop your story in the comments below or link to your own blog.

Blast of the Past

George sat in his old worn armchair and stared at the sepia photo in his lap. The bride was beautiful in her white linen dress, and her smile filled with happiness. When the bomb exploded, taking her from him, the joy in George’s life drained away. Self-loathing and guilt ran amuck through his mind, making his retirement nothing more than a slow wait to see her again.

They had just left a café, when Babsy realised she’d forgotten her jumper. She returned to the cafe and a terrorist bomb exploded. Why hadn’t he gone back for her jumper? She was better than him, she was worth ten of him. His punishment was living without her.

Yet fate kept him tethered to this cold world for thirteen more years. Thirteen years as an alcoholic, without a stitch to his name, and only a set of badly fitting false teeth and prevailing cough to keep him company. Thirteen years to think back over that day and the error that had unraveled his life.

George’s hands dropped to his side, and the photo fell to the floor. His eyes kept staring ahead, his punishment was over.


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