Flash Fiction : Demon Debt

Sad Demon by Cesar11
Sad Demon by Cesar11 (DeviantArt)

Another personal flash fiction challenge. The flash fiction has to include 10 random words and be no more than 200 words, plus I have to write it within half an hour, (Which I only just made, so apologies if it is a little rough around the edges.)

I use this site to generate the random words for me, and I was given these.


tearful, demonic, report, peep, home, paper, shelter, wail, sparkle, touch

As normal if you want to have a go, just pop your entry in the comments or link to your blog post from there.

Demon Debt

The monster sat down within the shelter of a dead tree. The little girl had made him remember. How could he have forgotten everything?

Now people screamed and ran when they saw his grotesque, demonic form, or they’d report to the local city guard assuming they could escape his claws.

Death and violence was now his purpose, indebted to his Master until this debt was repaid and to follow the commands of his Master. The Master’s will was his.

This little girl would never run from him, she had approached him and smiled innocently with a smile that sparkled. She had held a crudely drawn picture of her home, with big colourful flowers and a yellow sun that peeped through the clouds.

For a few seconds everything was normal, she had touched his heart. For a moment she had made him forget what he was and what he had to do, though only for a moment.

He looked at the bloodied paper in his grasp, his eyes becoming tearful, and wailed. Though the debt was now repaid, he had paid a high price for his freedom, the death of his own daughter.



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