Flash Fiction : Feelin’ Chipper

Wood chipper machineDrawing back on that ever popular resource, the random number generator I am going to generate ten random words. That was the easy bit, now I need to write a piece of 200 word flash fiction using all of those ten words. There can be slight changes e.g. clock to clocks or walked to walking etc. but they all have to appear. Oh yeah, I almost forgot I have to write it in thirty minutes or less as well.

Clean, inexpensive, earsplitting, excellent, quack, chin, meat, match, chew, snow

I urge anyone who wants to, to have a go.

Feelin’ Chipper

When Brax bought the house, he had no idea just how much land he had. The snow had concealed a lot of the grounds when he was shown round, and although he was assured the grounds were excellent, he hadn’t realised just how much overgrown woodland he would have to clear.

He needed a clean and inexpensive way to clear the forest. The Mega-chipper 9000 was the answer, a wood chipper so powerful it could chew a tree to matches in seconds.

Brax ordered the machine and within days the Mega-chipper arrived. He took off his coat and drove the machine as close as he could towards the raked ground and turned it on. The machine was ear-splittingly loud which caused Brax to stumble.

His right foot hit the rake he had left on the floor; it swung up and whacked him on his chin. Brax lost his footing and tumbled towards the chipper, falling towards the hundreds of razor-sharp blades.

The sound of quacking from Brax’s mobile rang out from his coat, though it wasn’t answered this time. Brax was far too busy shaking, thinking about how close he came to being dead meat.



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