Life on Mars

Earth Mars ComparisonWith yet another half hour to spare in my busy day, I cast my gaze upon the Postaday from The Daily Post.

“You are on a mission to Mars. Because of the length of the journey, you will never be able to return to Earth. What about our blue planet will you miss the most?”
Thinking about it, I would miss all the thoughts and interactions of earth. Nearly every little facet of our life, every sight, sound, smell, heard conversation and forgotten dream are all earth based, everything we are is earth-based (though, people who’ve met me, claim I’m the exception to that rule).

If I was chosen, and quite frankly I can’t really see how the maintenance of spreadsheets or the ability to complete StreetFighter II on hardest difficulty setting is to of paramount importance to a mission. But if I was chosen, it would be these thoughts and all the earthly interactions that happen every day that I would miss. Being annoyed by people queue jumping; trying to decide if you need to take an umbrella; do you need to buy more milk; Junk-Mail; buy-one-get-one-free offers at the local store, everything would be different.

Of course within time, you would build up a completely new set of thoughts and interactions, Being annoyed by people rocket queue jumping; trying to decide if you need to take a spacesuit; do you need to buy more dehydrated milk powder; Junk-Space Mail; buy one get one free offers at the local trading post, everything would feel different even when it was fundamentally the same.

From the point you leave Earth not to return, every single earthly thought you had to exist and live on the planet would start to be replaced with a completely new set of Martian ones. Much like how you acclimatise to a new country only within a few days when you’re on holiday.

If it is these earthly interactions that have forged us into who we are today, by leaving Earth we are leaving all that behind, deciding to stop our current personal growth and to become a completely different person based on a new set of Martian interactions. This seems like quite the undertaking to me.

Ultimately though, to answer the questions of what would I miss most about Planet Earth? Put simply I would miss living on it.


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