Breathing Room – Perfect Solution

Today’s Postaday daily prompt is really stirring up my imagination, what is it I hear you ask….? Would I hear you ask? I suppose metaphorically I would. Though it’s more accurate to say, ’Read your question’ or ‘guess what you might be thinking’ or just plain old ‘segway into the prompt itself’.

Anyway, the prompt is…

“An extra room has magically been added to your home overnight. The catch: if you add more than three items to it, it disappears. How do you use it?”

So, which three items would I put into this room to best make use of it. Three items really isn’t a lot, so like the ‘three wishes to a genie’ problem, I am going to have to think about the items that would be of best use there. Shelves and cupboards would be useless, as you could only store up to two items within them.

Though there are still the other rooms of my house, so it’s not as if this room is separate from everything else, or a room that has to have a clear-set purpose.

Also, what about windows, do they come free with the room or do I expend an item to get a window in there. Carpets, wallpaper are they one of the items? Oxygen atoms? Dust? What about those? Does this room have to be a completely sterile environment where not even another microbe can exist lest it existentially pushes an item out of existence?

…and breathe.

OK, getting a little ahead of myself there. I had best introduce a few assumptions. Firstly, the room has been equipped with windows, a door, wall and floor coverings, and an electrical outlet. Secondly, the items do not include the everyday detritius or basic chemical elements that form life. Finally I am not an item, otherwise I could only have two items in the room when I wanted to get something, unless I used a pole with a grabby hook, but then the pole would be an item and I’d still be left with two items. There’s perfecting telekinesis or the Jedi mind-trick of course, but we’ll call that plan B for now.

…Ouch, the headache’s coming back.

OK, now I’m done with all the rambling and migraine-inducing gibberish. I have decided upon the three items that I would put into the room.

  1. One Portal gun, capable of breaking the reality barrier to create doors into parallel universes or dimensions
  2. A Star Trek Replicator.
  3. A machine that can do the following,
  • Transform books instantly into films, where everything is perfect and as I would like. The roles have been cast exactly as I would expect, it looks the same, and it sounds the same. To all intents and purposes it is a perfect adaptation of the book.
  • Download your dreams and nightmares, which can then be turned into films, books or comics and watched, stored or sold to big movie companies for large amounts of cash.

Well, those are my three items. True none of them actually exist outside the world of science fiction and my bizarre little head. But what a room it would be, eh?

What three items would you have in your room?



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