Sleepy Time

Koala sleeping on a tree topGreat Scott, it’s been a long time since I last posted. Work has been insane, and then I get home and I’m really tired, plus I share my house with blood-thirsty mercenaries from the future who trade in Garlak Beast teeth and Skanther hide, and getting them out of the house long enough for me to write is hellish.

Alright, I admit the last one is a slight embellishment of the truth, or a lie as I sometimes like to call them.

Anyway, today’s daily prompt is…

“More and more of us go to bed too late because of sleep procrastination. What are the night-time rituals that keep you up before finally dozing off?”

I don’t think that sleep procrastination is a particular issue for me. I know I should go to bed around 10:30 on a week night, and that’s when I usually go to bed. Although it is worth mentioning that my handler… I’m sorry, I mean my wife, needs to go to bed at that time, so it’s more of an effort to stay up than to just go along with it.

Though in truth, this is a different story when she’s away from home. You know the old saying “When the cat’s away the mice will play?” Well, in my case, “When the cat’s away the mice will play World of Warcraft until ‘stupid’ o’clock”.

The most recent example happened a few nights ago, she went round to her friend’s house and wanted a drink so she stayed there over night. Well, I got to bed around 04:30 the following morning. Which I’m sure most of you will agree is kinda late. Luckily the day afterwards was a Sunday so I could sleep in. “Could” being the operative word. Because my mind was full of work stuff and things I needed to do, mixed with my ‘always-a-laugh-minute-insomnia’ I woke up at the wonderful time of 05:36. Luckily I managed to fall back to sleep, and grab an extra 47 minutes until 06:23. This gave me a little under two hours sleep, though my insomnia is a different issue.

World of Warcraft, sleeping night elf sleep tired bed

Back on to Sleep Procrastination. In the above example, it certainly wasn’t a conscious decision to put off sleeping until that time, but all the sensible signals being sent to my brain, saying things like ‘for the love of god, go to sleep’ and ‘you’ll feel like crap in the morning’ were completely ignored.

If I had the option of playing video games until that time every day, would I still stay up so late? Was it just that I don’t really get to do that very often, that made it acceptable for me?

I can understand people wanting to put off going to sleep. I know it’s very important to sleep, and assuming you want slightly more out of life, then tiredness, hallucinations, mental disorders and then a quick and undignified death you’re going to do have to do it. It just seems like such a waste of time sometimes.

Imagine if by some magic, technology or an x-man mutant power you didn’t need to sleep or rest. You could if you wanted to, but there would be no negative effects from not sleeping. That would be around 6-8 hours extra per day, or 20-25 years or 25% more life to do stuff with.

I think that children recognise this concept, at an early age. Children hate being sent to bed and they do everything they can to extend their day that bit longer; asking to be read a story, needing a drink of water, wanting to watch the end of the documentary detailing the eating habits of pre-civilisation man. Children will try anything to stay up that bit longer. Maybe the same thing is going on with us adults with sleep procrastination, except we’re not arguing against our parents or babysitters; we’re trying to beat something much more formidable…. what we think we should do because we’re adults we always have to do the right thing. Yeah, right… 🙂

So that’s my random, blitherings. What do you think? Do you procrastinate your sleep? What’s your story?



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