Flash Fiction : The Performers

Fire breather performerWith another half an hour to spare, it’s time for another half hour, flash fiction challenge. I’ve randomly generated ten words, and I have to write a piece of flash fiction of no more than 100 words which must include all ten of those words and all written within the space of half an hour.

My words are…

Spectacular, cream, acrid, scarf, dream, costume, magic, underwear, guarantee, wrap

If you want to have a go, please do. Just drop a link to your blog or your flash fiction story in the comments below. I wonder what you’ll do with the words.

Off we go…

The street performers were a guaranteed spectacular. Their show was a phenomenal display of skill and wonder. A fire-eater wore only his underwear, and a cream coloured scarf wrapped around his neck, as he spat flame and acrid smoke into the air. Dancers and Jugglers spun and twirled, their colourful costumes dazzling under the bright summer sun.

The children watched in awe, as their magic captivated them and enticed them to wonder and dream at what other wonders the world had in store for them.


Well, after writing it, it’s not the best I’ve ever written. Can’t be too overly critical, that’s the trouble with these challenges. With only half an hour you have to think quickly and try to get something from nothing, sometimes, it’s a hit. Other times, it’s not so much.

What do you think?


So, what are you thinking?

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