Face Off

Well, work and energy levels have dictated that I didn’t post for a while (Three weeks, jeez that went fast), but when I saw yesterdays daily prompt and it just happened to be the title from one of my favourite Agatha Christie novels. Well how could I not write something?

The prompt itself is…

“The Mirror Crack’d – You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors. How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?”

I assume by mirrors, that they mean all reflective surfaces. Otherwise, your life wouldn’t change much at all; you’d just shave in front of a highly polished piece of metal, a switched-off TV screen or a puddle.

No, I think what they mean is how would you react to having no visual reflections.

I can guarantee that life would be very tricky for anyone who spends their life at either extreme of the ego/narcissus scale. I know that without mirrors, I would probably spend my entire day panicking that I had shaving foam behind my ear, or a giant bogie (or booger to those across the pond) hanging from my nose. Yep, those first few days or weeks would be terrible.

Though everyone would be in the same boat, there would be women with mascara half way down their face, men covered in shaving cuts, and bed hair common across both genders. This would be what would inevitably happen as we as humans stoically try to keep hold of how things were, rather than embracing the change.

Eventually though, things would change. Everyone would become accustomed to the new way of things, and I believe society would change accordingly. Though how these changes would show is almost impossible to tell.

Would we stop trying to shave, put on make-up, have perfect hair etc, or would we still strive for that aesthetic perfection but instead getting ready in the morning would become more of a joint or social activity?

Would we lose our egos and narcissism because we can’t see our own reflection, or would our paranoia and self-conscious attitude increase and we’d spend our entire lives worrying about how we look?

Maybe it wouldn’t be a situation we would live with for long, because the technology to envisage or replicate our reflections becomes the new gadget to have?

Though if we take this one step further and say that one day you wake up and there is no way at all to see what you look like at all. No reflections, no photo’s, no videos, even paintings and drawings of you can somehow never be made, then that would be a very interesting situation.

As a bit of a tangent, if vampires (according to most mythology) don’t have reflections, how do they make themselves so neat? Which leads on to another point, and I’m looking at you Angel. If a vampire has heightened regenerative powers and they’re dead, how do you deal with your hair? Your hair won’t grow anymore but surely after every cut wouldn’t it regenerate back to how it was before? You had long hair as Liam, then you were sired by Darla (Still with long hair) yet as Angel you have short hair. How? How is that all possible? Wouldn’t the local barbers be able to fill whole pillowcases with your hair?

Where was I?

Ah, yes. No reflections at all. Maybe it would be one of those things that sends an entire society mad, like Cabbage Patch dolls. Would we all lose our own internal identities? Our very image would be living in the minds of everyone else except us. Would we be chained by that or set free?

Hmmm, please feel free to discuss?







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