An Award? Pour Moi?

Liebster AwardI love awards. No matter how may you receive you always feel just that little bit squirmy inside when you get one. It’s that whole “You love me. You really love me.” feeling. Well sitting proudly among my 100% attendance from school certificate (being 9 was a very good year) now sits the Liebster award sent to me by Angela from ‘One Life, Recorded‘.

In short, it’s nominated to people who don’t have a tremendous amount of followers. You answer some questions, add some links, meet new bloggers, and read new blogs etc. Which I think is all rather nice.

When you someone nominates you…

  • Thank your nominator.
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you
  • Nominate 11 people, and think of eleven questions for them.

Firstly, thank you Angela for the award and probably more importantly a chance for an egotist such as me to talk about myself for a bit, always a pleasure.

Angela, set me the following questions…

Is your day job creative or are you only creative outside of your job? Or do you not see yourself as creative at all?

My job is not overly creative. At the moment it’s a data quality hell with bits or training and so on. Rather dull and not what I want to do. The only element of creativity there is is deciding how to format a spreadsheet. Don’t get me wrong I love spreadsheets, but there is only so much creativity you can put into them. I’m definitely more creative out of work; my mind is always whirring with weird and strange ideas.

What advice do you have for people to be more creative in their everyday lives?

If I had been asked this question, a year or so ago, I suspect that my answer would be a lot different from what it is now. Like Nike says, you just have to do it. The one hang up I had for ages, while writing is that I wanted every word I wrote to be an inspirational nugget or dreamlike golden fairy-dust, perfect in every way. If it wasn’t, then why bother putting it on the page? Now I know, these things take time and huge amounts of practice, oh and huge ruddy great dollops of useful advice. Write, paint, sculpt, take photo’s, sing. On day 1 you’ll probably suck, on day 2 you’ll suck less, day 3 you’ll suck even less. Every day you create, you’re better than the day before. Don’t wait for the day to be perfect. You wouldn’t expect to get somewhere without traveling, some theory here folks.

How would you define art versus craft or are they the same thing?

Hmmmm, in truth there probably isn’t much to differentiate between them. Though I tend to feel that art is creating something for its aesthetic properties, and craft is doing the same but to create a more practical object. It’s a flimsy definition as I have been to a fair few craft fairs, and have seen my fair share of practical art, and beautifully crafted things. I tend to think of art in the way of sculptures and paintings, and crafts in the form quilting, calligraphy, card-craft, jewellery making etc.

Hmm not sure, I’ve answered that one very well. Sorry. It’s not an easy differentiation to make.

If you could have any creative talent, what would you choose?

I’ve always admired people who can draw. I don’t mean the type of drawing I can do, see below but rather seeing something and being able to recreate it perfectly using pencil, or charcoal, or watercolours. Even more impressive is when they create a drawing from something in their memory. I can’t get my brain to tell my hand exactly what I can remember. I guess, I just need to follow my advice above, right?

Who or what inspires you in your creativity?

A lot of the stuff that I write about is a cross-mashing of several different ideas, though my biggest inspiration usually comes from one of two sources. Firstly, movies, TV programmes and books. It’s difficult to not be influenced by them, each one resplendent with characters, lines, history’s plots. The second source of inspiration for me is my negativity and self-deprecating mind. Images and thoughts of my worse-case-scenario paranoid thinking, often give me the crisis points.

Tom Lewis Art

What artist / writer / songwriter do you love but no one seems to know about?

I came across the artist Tom Lewis in a gallery in Bath about 2-3 years ago. I liked his work so much that I had to buy something. In fact it was the first piece of art I had ever bought. Please check out his site (

When was the last time you drew something?

Well, I drew this weird little thing while on a conference call, a couple of days ago. What? I was paying attention. I got all I needed to know about the doodly-hum, and the whatsist-doo-hickeys.

Random Doodle

Do you sing in the shower? To family, friends, or the dog? In public?

Nope, I’m not a singer. I will on occasion sing in the car, when the music is on so loud that any possible contribution I am making is completely drowned out. Certainly not in public, good god no. The thought is enough to give me hives.

What would you name your band if you started one today?

Umm something that would set out the expectation to the audience, as well as providing useful time-saving advice so something like. ‘Refunds Are Available’ maybe, or ‘Not as Advertised’. Actually, I kinda like that one.

Expanding on that last question…what would be the title and topic of your first big hit?

“Blunts, Bitches, and Ho’s”. It will be a song detailing the story of when Emily Blunt’s family removed the weeds from their garden as their female dogs played nearby.


Right, so just who am I linking to for this prestigious award. Well, in my usual to-hell-with-the-rules attitude I am going to nominate one special blogger and the rest are the last ten people to leave a comment on my blog.

  1. JoEberhardt (not a new blogger, but someone very much worth following and this is a roundabout way of letting her know of my new blog.)
  2. Carlos Cunha
  3. Blind Folded Not Blind
  4. Capsule Creations
  5. Locolovia
  6. Celladore
  7. Like Reading on Trains
  8. A Culture of One
  9. Shards of Silence
  10. Tucked Into a Corner
  11. Jensiper’s Blog

So, all you lovely nominees, those were my answers and these are my curious and I think quite random questions to you.

  1. Would you prefer to be secretly incarcerated for a heinous crime you didn’t commit, or free but have everyone thinks you committed the crime? Why?
  2. If you could eradicate one colour which would it be and why?
  3. Which movie ending did you really disagree with and what would you have happen instead?
  4. Due to radiation from a passing meteor you now have the ability to pause time for up to an hour (assume that object interaction could still happen during this time). What would you do with that hour?
  5. If you were a comic-book super-villain, how would you do evil?
  6. Who would your super-hero nemesis be?
  7. Tell me one interesting piece of trivia or fact that you don’t think people will know.
  8. If you could live the life any one film/TV character who would it be and why?
  9. What’s your favourite thing about yourself?
  10. Are you a tea or a coffee drinker?
  11. Star Trek Holodecks? A much-needed invention or the end of society as we would know it?

So, what are you thinking?

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