Battenberg Dreams

Lyons Battenberg cake

I’m actually going to break the mold today. I am going to answer the prompt, not skirt around it, or jabber on and on about something vaguely related, no not today. The page is loading as we speak (it takes ages to load because of a rubbish network connection.) so I don’t know what the prompt is, but I will truly answer it.

Well, here it is. Today’s prompt is…

“Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.”

Ah feck, seriously? The first day I follow the prompt and it basically tells me to do what I kinda do anyway.

Right, need a subject?

A subject?

A subject?

Battenberg cake? Why not? We’re talking about it in the office, so it works as a topic here.

I always used to love Battenberg as a child, I mean what’s not to love? Firstly it’s cake and secondly it was the most colourful cake that I had ever seen. As a child, cakes were nearly always either yellow or brown unless you mum had gone OTT with the food dye, but still, to see a pink and yellow chequered cake was like seeing alien food.

Do people still eat Battenberg cake now? I know you can still get it, we’ve just come back with a small Battenberg cake from our local supermarket, but it has been years maybe even decades since the last time I had some, not including those mini Battenberg clice things. We were only really encouraged to buy one now because we were talking about the last time we remember eating it.

All five of us destroyed the entire cake within a matter of minutes. The empty cardboard tray sitting amongst the last remaining crumbs showed just how much we enjoyed it. Even though we ate the whole cake there was something different from as I remember about it. It had a far more synthetic texture than the one I remember from my childhood.

So I guess this rambling train of thought, leads on to the following question. Which food do you remember from your childhood that you haven’t eaten in ages? Also, should you then go and buy some and risk being disappointed or should you keep it as a memory?


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