Ten minutes… and go!

Stopwatch countdown timer watch pocket watchWell good afternoon to all and today’s Daily Prompt is one that appeared a couple of weeks back.

“Take ten minutes — no pauses! — to write about anything, unfiltered and unedited. You can then publish the post as-is, or edit a bit first — your call.”

Always a tricky one, as soon as you introduce a time limit your mind goes completely blank. I guess it’s the opposite effect to that whole ‘Don’t think of a pink elephant’ thing, where as soon as someone says that you can think of nothing else, except of course, that this is the other way round.

Well, that took up one whole minute and I haven’t even thought of a topic to write about yet. So I guess I’ll do the same as I do in job interviews when I don’t know what to say. I’ll just keep rambling on or around the point until I’ve kind of answered their question in a roundabout way.

P.S. this does in some way explain why I am so terrible during job interviews. Either that or I go completely the other way and become Captain Complacent because I think I’m nailing it. Invariably, I’m not nailing it at all I just don’t get the job quicker.

Aaaaaagh, four minutes gone now and still nothing. It’s amazing how quick four minutes disappears. That seemed way shorted than those one minute silences you occasionally get at work, where guaranteed someone who didn’t realise there was going to be a 1 minute silence calls you half way through, and you’re stuck between having the phone ringing which breaks the silence, answering it which is a complete no-no or pick-up and hang-up straight away which is rude to the person who rang you. Anyway, those one minutes silence always take longer than you think one minute is, so much so that after a while you start to believe that whatever timing the one minute is broken (or dead). You don’t? Oh, just me then, I guess.

Ok, this is ridiculous now with seven minutes down the swanney, it’s quite clear that today’s post is just going to be drivel of disconnected topics. Having said that though, it does show how quickly time flies when you’re put under pressure and clearly demonstrates the first point I made in this post about your mind going blank.

Maybe the post is better than a I thought, but It won’t work next time. I’ll have to do something a bit more creative with the next one. I could always create a list just for this type of daily posts, so I have a reservoir to draw from, but it really seems like cheating. In all honesty, I like the sporadic and hit-and-miss results you get with these type of posts.

Less than a minute left now….




Auf wiedersehen…



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