Flash Fiction : Sunnierdale?

Desert Donkey FenceIt’s time for the ten random word flash fiction, in which I randomly generate ten words which I have to use in a piece of flash fiction of no more than 100 words in length (and ideally as close to that 100 words as possible.)

Words can be changed a little (i.e. run to running or monkey to monkeys) but the meaning of the word can’t change (e.g. Dog to Dogs is fine, Dog to dig isn’t.)

Anyway, with precious little ado here are the ten words I generated, on this site here

typical,   dusty,   five,    typical,    anger,    crook,    uncle,    donkey,    separate,    walk


Uncle Dusty finally spotted his donkey leaning against an old fence, chewing idly. His earlier attempts to scold the beast had resulted in the beast throwing Dusty off forcing him to watch his ride and his belongings disappear.

The crook that had sold him the animal for 5 dollars hadn’t mentioned his angry temperament of course.

Both man and donkey had walked separately for hours, eventually finding their way here, but there was no town, to tavern, no blacksmiths, just a hole. A very large hole, filled with the wreckage of buildings, and roads.

‘Typical’ sighed Dusty.


 If you fancy having a go, I’d love to see what you can make out of the words. Just pop it in the comments below or host on your side and add a link.


So, what are you thinking?

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