Temporal Quandry

Back to the future movie coverSo what is today’s daily prompt?

“Congrats! You’re the owner of a new time machine. The catch? It comes in two models, each traveling one way only: the past OR the future. Which do you choose, and why?”

Ah, I do like a hypothetical question. It is hypothetical right? I haven’t actually got a time-machine waiting for me? Figured not.

As with any time-travel based question I need to ask a few questions about time itself, as the responses will likely affect my answer.

Firstly, is time changeable? If I go back into the past, can I change my own future like Biff Tannen from Back to the Future, or does it work more along the lines of Terminator 3 where time isn’t changeable so anything I do in the past had to have been done already for me to be in the position of going back in time and doing it in the first place, you catch me?

Secondly, is there a button you can press that will take you back to your own time? If not, then you can only theoretically travel within a set period unless you never want to see your friends and family again, and even so there would likely be questions why you suddenly become older or younger.

Also, does the time machine also travel you within space and time, or just time? In short, do I need to factor in the earth’s rotation? If I skip forward 6 months would I find myself in space, looking forward to a short life of confusion followed by a brief stint of implosion?

I guess, I’m doing my over-pedantic thing, but ultimately if a time machine can only go one way (assuming going back counts as the other way of course) then it would have very little use. The exception to this would be if you found that your life has nothing left for you and needed to make the ultimate escape. That all sounds rather sad. So I’m going to assume that the machine can take you back home as well.

Would I want to visit the far future or the distant past? To be honest neither seems particularly appealing, they would both be pretty dangerous. The past would be filled with dirt, disease, war and persecution. The future, well that could be just as bad, hopefully less war, persecution and dirt, but disease would be just dangerous to me. My body would not be used to fighting those futuristic germs.

In fact my body wouldn’t be used to the food or water in the future either, and how could I be sure that anyone could understand anything I said, the whole English language could have changed beyond all recognition.

Hmmm, I think if I had a time machine I would just use it for something simple and non-threatening. I’d just travel back a week and win the lottery. Yeah, the whole Biff Tannen thing is the way forward for me I think, if you’ll pardon the semi-pun.

Would you do anything more interesting?


2 thoughts on “Temporal Quandry”

  1. I’d take my chances and go see what the future had to hold. Way I see it, i’m going to die at some point, so I’ll take the risk of the future disagreeing with me for the chance to see it 😉 Also, I had a small smile at the fact your avatar and the Back to the Future dude are in an extremely similar pose 😀

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