Pedantic Parodoxicary

Messy Desktop
You’ll never see this on my desktop

Aha, so Mr D. Lee Prompt you want yet another little pry into the sanctity of my home-life, eh? Well, ok, seeing as it’s you.

What’s that you say…?

“What’s messier right now — your bedroom or your computer’s desktop (or your favorite device’s home screen)? Tell us how and why it got to that state.”

Well, I’m married so I can state with confidence that both the bedroom and my desktop PC’s desktop screen are immaculately tidy.

What? You say the bedroom doesn’t count because it’s not staying clean due to my volition, I have to choose a room that is my responsibility. Well, aren’t you a Mr Fussy-pants.

Fine, but if I do are you gonna shut up and let me write this?

Thank you.

Right, well this changes things slightly. The room that my desktop computer is in is the closest to a personal room that I have and with this room used as a comparison to my desktop screen things are different.

It’s not so much that the room is messy but it is small, with a very limited storage space, so that means the cupboards and shelves I do have, are piled high with books, magazines, the odd toy. Yes, they’re mine and no I’m not talking about collectibles, they are toys. What? I have a young mind… and a bit of a hoarders nature so I end up collecting little odds and sods.

My desktop is tidy, not anally-retentive-pedant-tidy (which may surprise you) but there are not many icons on there. There’s a handful for the games I play the most, and then a number of folders, photos, music, utilities, and other games. My wallpaper gets changed regularly about one every two weeks. Hey if it works for bed-sheets it works for desktop wallpaper.

The room’s clutter and the desktop’s tidiness is purely because it is my gaming room. This gaming room, or the third bedroom as my wife likes to call it because there is a bed in there (weird eh?)  is where I go to game. There’s a blackout blind on the single window to make sure that none of that pesky screen-reflecty-light comes in, and I close the door so that I can be fully immersed. The room is cluttered and a bit unkempt because tidying it does not aid gaming in any way, nor does a messy room detract away from it.

The room is not what anyone would call a perfect gaming room, it has many things that almost make it impractical, but it is my room and it is primarily responsible for my escapism. The desktop is the tool that allows this to happen, in the way that a surgeon’s scalpel must be clean, my desktop must be tidy.

Of course the folders that lie behind the desktop on the three drives I have, are in a right old mess but luckily that wasn’t part of the question, so we can ignore those for now.

In case anyone is wondering about other systems, my iPhone and iPad both follow the ordered approach of my desktop. There is a folder for each group of apps (music, media, games etc.). I consider myself to have failed if I have to scroll to a second screen. I need everything to be accessible from that front screen.

So, what about you?



2 thoughts on “Pedantic Parodoxicary”

  1. I’m not fussy about tidy. I have piles of things that I organise once in a while, but that’s the extent of it. My laptop is full of well ordered files… but I can still never find anything 😀

    1. Tidy can be an impossible standard to keep sometimes. I think I prefer practically ordered. There’s far less expectation involved with that, but yeah, I lose stuff all the time too. I’ve got to stop savings things in a ‘safe’, dedicated place, it’s just the quickest way for things to disappear.

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