Just A Perfect Day

cropped-savoypizza5.jpgToday’s daily prompt is all about how I would spend my perfect day off, and quite frankly it’s nice just to stop and think about it, especially as actually having that day off is at least weeks into the future.

“What’s your idea of a perfect day off: one during which you can quietly relax, doing nothing, or one with one fun activity lined up after the other? Tell us how you’d spend your time.”

A perfect day off? There are only so many things I would actually put in there, and even as it half-dances across my conscious mind, it’s coming off as kinda sad. Hmmm, oh well it is what it is.

I’ll wake up at around 4:30-5:00, yep 05:00. Just because I’m having a day off, doesn’t mean my insomnia has, but I don’t care because I’ve got my perfect day coming up after all. I’ll then get out of bed straight away. Chances are the wife will want to sleep in to a normal human time. She has this weird way of sleeping a completely normal amount that I just don’t get.

Right, well I’m up and it’s time for coffee and gaming. It’s winter and every where’s dark, so I’ll probably look at playing something a little atmospheric, like Elder Scrolls Skyrim maybe.

By the time it gets to be around 08:00, my wife will be awake and we’ll both be kinda hungry. One cup of tea served to her in bed, as chances are I’m skitting around like a lunatic from all the coffee, and she will probably want to wake up slowly.

Breakfast will involve bacon, all good breakfast’s do. It’s likely to be bacon sandwiches but a good English breakfast is a damn fine replacement.

Pandaren Hunter World of WarcraftProbably another hour or two’s gaming, because I have to pathologically cram as much gaming time in as I can. Right now, I’m playing a lot of World of Warcraft as the new add-on has just been released, but it could be Sims 4.

We’ll leave the house in the afternoon, and if the weather’s nice we’ll go for a walk by the river that we are fortunate enough to live by. If the weather’s crap then it’s off to local garden centre we go. One of the good things about being over 30 years old is that it’s completely ok to go to garden centres now.

A bit more gaming squashed into that gap between returning and dinner.

Dinner and a good film (or murder mystery) is my absolute favourite way to spend an evening. A large BBQ pizza, with nachos and chicken bits has been my favourite type of food for decades now, as mentioned here.

Pizza should only be eaten with the right entertainment. Pizza with the news? Nope. A documentary? Never. It has to have a storyline and it has to be about two hours long not including ads. My favourite at the moment is to watch a good Poirot or Miss Marple (or failing that a Midsomer Murders)

Poirot John Suchet

Any gaps in your appetite should be filled with salted snacks, and a beer or two, before unveiling a fantastically large chocolate/caramel cheesecake.

We’ll draw a line under the evening here, I don’t particularly want to go into too much detail for the sake of your sensibilities. You don’t want me to go into detail about all that groaning and moaning stuff that inevitably takes place at night.

After all, no-one likes hearing about someone with indigestion… (See what i did there?)

Yep, just as I thought, my perfect day does all sound rather dull. No jumping out of planes or whirlwind trips for me. Gaming, garden centres and pizza is where it’s at.

That’s my perfect day. Is yours any more exciting? I’m guessing so.


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