The Language of Things & Poetry

“Quickly” I think to myself, “get some words down for this daily prompt before you convince yourself you don’t have the time to write anything.”

Ha ha, I’ve started writing now so it behooves me to finish. I win stupid, sad head. Right, well today’s daily prompt is right down my alley, a way to convey emotion quickly and painfully without passages and passages of lovey-dribbly stuff.

“You have to write a message to someone dear to you, telling that person how much he/she means to you. However — instead of words, you can only use 5-10 objects to convey your emotions. Which objects do you choose, and what do they mean?”


There aren’t many people in this world that I do emotionally take a chance on, but my wife is one of them. She is someone who has on occasion been able to make me feel positive things through all the neurotic mess that is my mind. Though if truth be told this is more about the crazy notion I have that showing emotion is a weakness. Incidentally, writing stuff like that, is less about openness and honesty but more about the egotistical need to pretend I’m weirder and more of an outcast than I actually am.

Having said that, those feelings do exist in there somewhere, buried deeply.

Right, here you go…

A baby's dummy Nest Hourglass Lock box Image Mirror





…and this is my first foray into poetry, so apologies if it’s a little contrived.


I existed without you, not daring to feel

My feelings all locked up, fear taking the wheel.

When you opened my heart, my confidence grew,

More strength in myself and my love for you.


Now we are married, with full life and home.

No fear of myself or of being alone.

Each day with you lifts me and carries me on

My hatred, my anger, my loneliness gone.


As we walk through our lives together, in hand

All problems resolved, all solutions in hand.

I’ll not share my love for you, with another.

until I’m a father and you a mother.



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