Ehhh, Maybe Tomorrow

Stopwatch countdown timer watch pocket watchAs I sit here idly trying to pass the day, I realise that this day is going to go incredibly slowly unless I do something. From where I sit, there are only so many things I could do. I could work, pffff yeah like that’s going to happen today, I could slowly but surely empty the vending machine near me and indulge in a slow orgy of snacking, or I could do yesterdays daily prompt which I didn’t have chance to do.

The latter won, although it was touch and go with the vending machine for a few minutes. The ping-backs look to have been sorted as well, so hoorah and well done to all the little code pixies for getting that working again. The daily prompt in question is…

“What’s your next, most pressing deadline? Are you excited, stressed, or ambivalent about it? What’s the first thing you’d like to do once you’re done with it?”

What is my next deadline? Work wise? Well, I’m not even going to think about next year, right now. As far as I am concerned there is nothing beyond January the 4th, any responsibilities or hardships that I may have to deal with after that point simply do not and will not exists until Midnight on the 5th.

Though, that doesn’t mean I don’t have deadlines.

I started to learn to drive in November 2012, and with two different instructors and six tests I am still trying to put this anxiety to bed. I’m getting good when my brain doesn’t cave in on me and make me worry needlessly on the test. However, this April my theory test pass runs out and I’ll have to take the bloody thing again. I don’t want to and I have no really problem with passing it, after all half of the test is a computer game, but if I can pass before then I really want to.

The second deadline I have is related to a writing course that I am trying to get through. I, rather cleverly at the time, figured I’d do the non-fiction sections first leaving the fun, fiction, and screenwriting sections for the end. You know, I’d get the dull stuff out of the way. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the enthusiasm for non-fiction so I am finding it a chore to do anything relating to the course. So, at some point during the festive holidays I have to get off my pasty-white arse and sort this out. The whole course expires by April next year but there are a lot more sections to complete before I pass.

I’d also like to continue the novel I’m writing, or at least started writing. Like anything else practical, I’ve put it off, choosing to run away and hide, or avoid it simply because ‘I don’t feel like doing it’.

A lot of things have been put off this year. It’s like my tag-line for the entire year has been ‘I just need this out of the way first’ or ‘I’ll do that once this has finished’ or ‘I can’t do that I’m not in the mood.

I know it’s a little early for resolutions, but I figured what the hell you deserve a sneaky-peak.

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