Goodbye Mr Grinch

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Tis the season to be… well it’s sometimes considered  the season to be broke, tired, stressed and suffering from acute indigestion and today’s daily prompt is all about that.

“The holiday season: can’t get enough of it, or can’t wait for it all to be over already? Has your attitude toward the end-of-year holidays changed over the years?”

Though, to be fair although the opening sentence sounded as if all I was going to do was to rant and rave about all the bad things about Christmas, well guess what? I’m not.

Nope, don’t get me wrong there are many parts of that sentence that I believe are true, but like many things there are many positives about Christmas as well.

This is really the first year that I’ve actually looked forward to Christmas. In previous years I’ve grumped and Grinched my way through Christmas; not wanting to listen to carols or Christmas songs; moaning about the queues in towns, and how ‘if they play those goddamn Christmas songs any more, I’m gonna go postal’. I have done all that, and I took a certain amount of pleasure in doing so.

Not this year though. This year feels different. I am, in all manner of ways looking forward to Christmas, more than I remember doing for a while. We’re not talking childlike excitement here, those days are well and truly gone. I think they start to fade the moment you have to start having to buy things, but that might be a materialistic opinion.

So what makes this year so special then to warrant this near-Grinch-like change of mindsets? Honestly not much, in fact there’s not enough that’s changed to explain it at all.

Work wise I have not enjoyed this year. The year has been long and stressful and there haven’t even been any holidays to speak off to help me relax. But now I have two weeks off from work.

In previous years we would go down and spend two or three days at Christmas with my mum. She lived about a four hour drive away so we didn’t get to see her much. I know it’s not a massive distance but that (and other factors) meant we didn’t see each other much. However she moved up to be nearer her children this year, and me being one them, means hoorah. Plus my mum is a great cook (I guess everyone’s mum is) which really helps add to the Pay-pot.

So there you go, just the two things. The fact I’m off work for two weeks and my mum being nearer. Other than those two things everything is the same. I’ll still be just as broke, I’ll still be tired and ill still (if things go well) have the same level of indigestion yet none of that is dampening my spirit, not this year.

I’ll also let you in to a little secret. I voluntarily, without any level of coercion or perception altering drugs listening to Christmas Music, and you know what? It cheered me up. I wonder if my life would have ended up different, if I’d just learnt to enjoy Christmas like nearly everyone else does.

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