Starting to be Great

Well, here we are again. Another week has gone by (probably, I haven’t checked the date but it certainly feels like it) and its time that I drag myself out of my pit to write one of the daily prompts.

Today’s prompt has a pictorial theme to it

“Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.”

I’m not entirely sure whether the word I chose was random by a dictionary definition but it did kinda pop into my head so I’m counting it.

My word was ‘Starting’ and the eleventh picture in Google pointed to this little image here, ably shown on

Starting Great Proverb Saying Phrase

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great”

Words that are a lot wiser than I initially thought and they are permeating every element of my life.

Particularly, I will rarely start anything unless I can be sure that everything has been planed and catered for, so that in the event of anything going wrong I am fully prepared for all eventualities. On the outset this doesn’t sound so bad, after all what can be so bad about mitigating risk and bad events that could add complications further down on the line?

Well, normally nothing when used sparingly, however I tend to go a little bit over the top and I attempt to plan for anything and everything that may happen, from slight bumps in the road to massive catastrophes, the end result being that I don’t actually start to do the thing that I am planning so hard for.

If you’re familiar with the UK Sitcom Red Dwarf, a character called Arnold Rimmer was desperate to become an Officer in the Space corp, but he could never pass his Astro-Navigation exam, in fact he had failed it thirteen times (though this changes depending on the episode)

Apart from his inability to sit them, he would spend months planning for his exams. He would create the perfect revision plan that covered everything in a practical and inclusive way. The trouble was by the time his plan was finished he only had a single night to study everything, and that was too late.

I can certainly relate.

After a while, I find phrases like ‘Well, I can’t do that until’ or ‘It would easier doing that later’ creeping into my excuse diary. (oh, if you don’t have an excuse diary it can be quite handy at making you see just how many excuses you’re making for things.)

I never start, because I have set myself ridiculously high standards. I read through the novel that I’m writing (and have re-started three times, by the way). I read through it, and decide internally that just because the opening draft doesn’t read like a best seller that there is no point in continuing with it. Which I know logically, is as daft as saying because a baby doesn’t look like an adult that they’ll never grow up. However logical mind and crazy mind rarely see eye to eye on these things. Crazy mind tells me that if I don’t start I can’t fail, so it’s all safe.

This is why I have  my goals for this year are about continual movement not a jump-start. I’ll keep moving on all the things I want to do and not let myself get distracted by, well myself really. I’m just trying to get into the process of doing things without worrying that the end result won’t be perfect. After all, it will be even less perfect if I don’t start.

>So are you impulsive or a procrastinator? Which are you?


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