Gamium? What?

English: Statue of Dr Samuel Johnson in Market...Afternoon, today’s Daily Prompt invites us to get all a bit word-smithy and lexicographal as we are invited to create a new word and give the meaning for it.

“Create a new word and explain its meaning and etymology.”

My mind instantly flashed to the episode of Blackadder Third with Doctor Samuel Johnson and the dictionary, where Blackadder tries to convince Dr Johnson that he’s left some words out.

Well, now it’s my turn. Not to confuse and anger Doctor Johnson of course, I think that boat has passed by several decades, but to discover and explain my own word.

I let my brain ponder and think (yeah, like I can stop my brain from thinking anything) and within a few seconds I knew exactly what my word would be.

“Gamedium” (gey-mee di m)

Right, any idea what it could mean?


Well, I’m not surprised really.

Gamium or gamiuming is when you are playing a video game, even though you are no longer getting any pleasure from doing so. The word itself is an amalgam of the words gaming and tedium (see it all starts to make sense now)

…but before I go into more detail, I should probably provide a few more examples of its usage.

  • This is too gamium – (gey-mee-uh m)
  • I feel / they felt gamiutic (gey-mee-uh tik)
  • I should stop gamiuming (gey-mee-uh ming)

For example, I found myself playing Dragon Age Inquisition. It’s a very good game and I am playing it a lot. However, there are a lot of side quests to do, and due to my completist nature I don’t feel I can continue with the main storyline until I have done all the side quest areas.

So I found myself stuck just playing through these areas out of a misguided sense of duty. I was bored there was no two ways about it, utterly bored to tears yet did I stop and play something else for a while? Nope, you bet I didn’t. It wasn’t the game itself that bored just my own self-deluding obligations.

It’s not the first time it’s happened, World of Warcraft often has a similar issue for me. I’ll log on to do some daily quests, not because I want to – heaven forbid, but because I feel that I should, or worse still, feel that I must.

Though gamium refers to video games, there is nothing to say that it can’t be used for other sorts of games, maybe playing a board game you don’t want to, or playing a football match you really don’t care about.

So, there we have it gamium, not a bad word in a game of scrabble either.

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