The Burning Question

Well, there’s nothing like this daily prompt to really make an anxious person sweat, but weirdly enough despite the myriad of horrible and rather unsavoury thoughts that have crossed my mind, my house being on fire isn’t one of them. Well, I’m not too proud to add more to the list.

Specifically, today’s prompt is…

“Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?”

Right, well the conditions of this prompt aren’t exactly carved in stoned but they’re pretty damn clear. It’s assumed that I will be grabbing the five items one after the other rather than running in and out of the house, so I must be able to carry all five items at once. It’s also assumed that the house isn’t salvageable, so it’s pointless worrying about items that could save the property.

So which five items have so much significance to me that I would risk burning to death in an inferno to rescue them.

Right, well item number one will be the silver pocketwatch that my wife bought me as a wedding present. For very obvious reasons, this is something that I couldn’t let get away.

Silver Pocketwatch Fobwatch

Number two is my external computer hard-drive. On that drive is all the copies of music, photos, documents etc. It’s USB so I’d just have to run in and unplug it. Photo’s are things you just can’t get back, and luckily these days you don;t always have to worry about massive photo albums.

The third item is…. erm….  you know what? I’ve been sat here for about half an hour thinking what I would want to rescue, and I don’t think there are any more items. Knowing that my wife, and to a much lesser extend, our guinea pigs are safe is pretty much everything I could hope for. I’ve got the watch and I’ve got all the music, photos and documents, everything else is replaceable.

It wouldn’t be a happy scenario to lose everything in a fire, of course not, but there are no three objects that are going to make that any better.

Can you do better than me? Can you create a list of five items, or would you simply languish with just a couple of items, like me?

Let me know.

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