Sci-Fi Gone? Not on my Watch

Escape from Colditz Do or Die CardDo or die, such a dramatic title. Unless, it’s referring to the cards in Escape from Colditz the boardgame, and then not so much. Although, it can be rather exciting, rolling all those dice and seeing if your last chap gets all the way over the wall and far away without being shot dead.

Anyway, all that and I don’t even know what the daily prompt is today.

“You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!”

Holy bejeesus! I only have 300 words to justify the existence of Science Fiction. Actually, what am I worried about? It’ll be easy.

Science Fiction is the ultimate form of escapism. Within science fiction anything can be possible. You can visit distant worlds, travel through time, parallel worlds. Science fiction allows you to experience the wonder and excitement of the universe. It mixes beauty with danger, and science with imagination.

Science fiction not only enchants but it predicts future technology. Of course, it is unclear whether science fiction drives technological invention or whether just like the invention of earth’s technology, technology in science fiction is driven by need. Debit cards, earphones, video chat, satellite communications and even anti-depressants, all featured in science fiction novels before they were invented.

Science fiction is the embodiment of hope that the world collectively has. The hope that we will advance to another state of being, the hope that we will become better people, the hope that war and poverty will be eradicated; that hope that someday we’ll invent holodecks, that causes 90% of the male population to die from exhaustion and malnutrition within months.

Getting rid of science fiction is like getting rid of our hope for the future. That’s something you can’t destroy. Surely.

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