Say your Goddamn Pronouns!

Murder by Death

“Take a quote from your favorite movie — there’s the title of your post. Now, write!”

Huzzah, nice prompt.

Well my favourite movie is a film called Murder by Death which is a comedy based on the idea that all the most famous detectives in the world get invited to a spooky house by its mysterious owner, Lionel Twain. Over the course of the evening, the guests are challenged to solve a murder, with their reputations on the line if they can’t solve it. As predicted at the stroke of midnight, there is a murder and without spoiling anything it’s not who you might expect.

That could be the plot for a fairly run of the mill murder mystery but with Peter Sellers as Sidney Wang (Charlie Chan), Maggie Smith and David Niven playing Dick and Dora Charleston (Nick & Nora Charles), Peter Falk as Sam Diamond (Sam Spade) and Else Lancaster as Jessica Marbles (Miss Marple) this is anything but run of the mill. Throw in a blind butler played by Alex Guinness, and a deaf and mute cook and the parody just keeps coming.

Oh, the title? Well the title comes from one scene where a moose head on the wall is becoming quite frustrated by Sidney Wang’s less than perfect grammar.

Of course this is 1970’s humor so there are some things you could get away with then that you might not be to get away now, like Peter Sellers dressing up as someone from China and putting on an outrageously stereotypical accent. So, I do hope this doesn’t cause offense.

Oh if you’re interested in seeing even more clips, you can check out this. I’ve found a few minutes of clips on Youtube that you may like, though it doesn’t do it justice.

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5 thoughts on “Say your Goddamn Pronouns!”

    1. Ha ha, yeah.

      “I don’t get it. First they steal the body and leave the clothes.”

      “Then they steal the clothes and bring the body back.”

      “Who would do that?”

      “Possibly a deranged dry cleaner.”

    1. I’m a huge fan of murder mysteries, and there weren’t many occasions when so many classic actors/comedians were all in the same place. Sheer genius or maybe I should say ‘genuine class’,

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