Another Me?

English: DNA Double Helix

My god! Won’t somebody think of the children!

Today’s daily prompt is…

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

I guess that depends on the clone. If my clone was an exact replica of myself, then it would be fairly split, each of us having a part of the dull stuff and part of the exciting stuff. I couldn’t just offload all of my crap on to my poor unsuspecting clone. Otherwise, we could soon be talking uprising and clone rebellions, and we can’t have that.

Of course if my clone was a lesser version of myself like Brian and Stewies clones in Family Guy, then they would get so much crap it’s untrue. Well, they’d do my job for me.

Then I’d probably get greedy. If I made one clone I could make more than one, maybe start my own clone sweatshop; mass making inferior products and flooding the market and I would get rich off the profits, until I was shopped in by one of my own family, and then I’d have to destroy them…

It does raise an interesting point. Firstly, lets sidestep how quickly I would succumb to clone slavery and look at the rights a clone would have, the same as me.

If the clone had the same rights as me, then surely the division of labour should be done democratically and not just by me deciding on the crap I don’t want to do.

What if my clone wanted to leave and go elsewhere? Do I have any powers to stop him? Can I force him to work for me? I never realised what a giant bag of ethical nightmares it would be, owning a clone.

Damn and my Cloning Machine was so close to working as well.

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