Did it Hurt?

Tattoo Sleeve 1

Yesterday’s daily prompt asks, which question I hate to be asked?

I’m a big fan of body art, I’ve got a fair few tattoos myself; A chest piece, two half-sleeves, and a piece on each leg. There’s nothing on the neck or hands, nothing that can’t be hidden underneath a shirt anyway.

I’m surprised that even in this day and age, the number-one opener for any non-tattooed person who sees my artwork is nearly always ‘did they hurt?’ This is quite a silly question of course. Unless, you really have absolutely no idea how tattooing works, you must be able to figure out that a needle being stuck into you god knows how many times a second is going to hurt.

Now, I know there is no reason for me to be annoyed. Basically, because I know that…

‘Does it hurt?’

…actually translates to…

‘I see you have tattoos. I wish to talk to you on that subject but not having any myself I am finding it hard to engage you on that level.’

I’m the same when someone talks to me about football (or any sport actually) I can’t talk about it with them so I have a choice of inane questions or looking blank, confused and then just walking away.

I don’t judge them too harshly. I like people talking about my tattoos. I’m proud of them and like it when people notice them. Although, I suspect that this too has some psychological background, but what doesn’t eh?

Inane questions are always welcome, though there are some lines of questioning that always put me on the defensive. Questions like…

  • What if you regret them when you’re older?
  • Won’t it stop you getting a job?
  • How can you do that to your body?

Questions that quite clearly show that the interrogator is not comfortable with your tattoos and (not-so) subtly want you to justify them somehow. Usually my response is a tacit glare.

The implication to me here is that I have not considered these at all. Of course I’ve examined how they might affect me, my career and my life in general. It’s not something I just did as a whim. (Though, maybe some people do, I dunno.)

Ultimately, that within reason, I would much rather get to the end of my life and regret something I’ve done, than regret something I haven’t.


2 thoughts on “Did it Hurt?”

  1. I’ve gotten all those questions myself. I like the reasoning that the person is having trouble finding common ground, but I agree that the other questions border on insulting my intelligence and judgement.
    Another favorite is “What happens when you’re 80 and they are all wrinkled?” Honestly, I hope they will be so they match the rest of my body.

    1. Ha ha exactly. I can imagine myself lying on my death bed, surrounded by friends and family, saying “I have but one regret…. that my tattoos are all wrinkly….” 🙂

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