Good News! (but don’t get your hopes up)

Homer Simpson HappyWell, Holy Crap! Don’t you just love getting good news?

Although, one of the better things about getting good news is telling everyone and although I have just had some very good news I can’t tell anyone about it for a few days. So it’s just going to eat me up inside over the next 48-72 hours.

Of course, I can still let some of my excitement out in blog posts like this, but unfortunately for you (assuming you are still reading this) it is going to be little more than excited drivel. I do apologise for this but if you are still here then it really isn’t my fault as you have been both warned and experienced some of this posts drivel nature for yourself. If you’re still reading, then you’re a glutton for punishment.

I guess, I can say that the good news is that something that has been causing me a fair amount of my anxiety and depression is changing for the better. This is of course a very good thing. I’m not expecting a miracle cure, that would be too easy, but a decent night sleep is now a lot more likely and with a rested Jim everything else can start falling into place.

So, here’s to hoping the next couple of days go smoothly and effortlessly.


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