I Ain’t Going Nowhere

Seascape Study with Rain Cloud (c.1824)
A glorious English summer

“If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why?”

Today’s daily prompt is pretty terrifying. For someone like me where change, should on most accounts be avoided, and where the only way I can truly relax is to be in a familiar environment, the possibility of having to spend an entire year in unfamiliar surroundings is akin to some pant-wettingly hideous nightmare.

I am completely confused, and at the same time in complete awe of people who can just up-sticks and move away to the other parts of the world. Away from their friends and family, with a new job, and a new house.

Moving away from everything you’ve ever known, and completely starting again either takes a tremendous amount of strength or having, god knows what to run away from.

I spent a week in Hamburg for my job, and it was an odd experience for me personally. Not the place, although the hotel I was staying at did have a mural of a naked woman on the bathroom wall and a book of art that seemed to make the presumption that people with young children wouldn’t be stopping there.

It was odd, because for one week I couldn’t follow my normal routine. Everything was new and unfamiliar, and it felt as if I was doing everything for the first time. Everything from the moment I woke up in an unfamiliar bed, through to the places I was eating at, my route to work, all the way through to when I put my head down on that same unfamiliar pillow at night.

The language was different, although many people in Hamburg spoke English, it was the background conversations I couldn’t understand or the small shop signs. Despite my above average grasp of the English language, my knowledge of other languages is woefully lacking, and i found myself feeling like an outsider, which of course I was in that context.

I can deal with change (deal being the operative word) as long as I have at least one familiar thing to keep my grounded to what i know and understand.

Plus, I like the UK. Well, maybe not ‘like’… I have ‘begrudging respect’… nope, not that either. Alright, I don’t particularly like the UK, but it is my home and having to move away from my home despite its many faults and reality TV shows and drizzle and political decisions that can make your eyes spin. Despite all of that stuff, it is my home and I’d miss dear old Blighty, even if it was only for a year.

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3 thoughts on “I Ain’t Going Nowhere”

  1. I hear you–I’m a creature of habit too. Familiarity and routine are comforting to me, though I do get wanderlust from time to time. I love your “glorious English summer” image, btw!

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