Ha Ha Ha Boom! Boom!

LaughRight, well today’s Daily Post asks us to exercise our funny bones, and make sure everyone’s ribs are tickled and their sides have split from a veritable banquet of hilarity that is the joke.

“Tell us a joke! Knock-knock joke, long story with an unexpected punchline, great zinger — all jokes are welcome!”

It’s an odd thing but I have never told a joke via blog post before. Sure, I’ve probably copied and pasted one from somewhere else, but I have never actually sat down and written it.

What’s the difference, you ask. Probably very little to tell you the truth, but never-the-less here goes.


On a dark and windy night, Peter was driving home from work. It had been his first day as a Trainee Postroom Attendant at Megacorp Inc. and he felt that everything had gone perfectly. His boss and his co-workers loved him, he worked hard and he felt that he really fitted in.

He’d just got to the end of the road when his phone rang. It was his boss, telling him that because he had worked so well today, that he was being instantly promoted to the Head of Post facilities. Peter couldn’t believe it, a promotion on his first day. His excitement took his eyes off the road causing him to swerve a little, but he managed to keep his car under control.

Five minutes later he received another call telling him that his boss had just taken ill, and he was being promoted again to Head of Facilities. Once again, he couldn’t believe his luck. Two promotions in one night but as before his excitement got the better of him and his car swerved, this time he just managed to keep his car under control.

Another five minutes had passed when he received yet another phone call informing him that due to a merger between the two companies, they needed him to look after the Global Facilities Department. Peter’s heart pounded when they told him his salary; after all he had been a Trainee Postroom Attendant

Only a few minutes ago. Before he was aware of what was happening, he had lost control of his car. It swerved off the road into an embankment and hit a tree.

After the accident a Detective investigated the wreckage of the car, and the skid tracks and he had spoken to Peter who eagerly explained what had happened to him.

‘So what happened, sir?’ asked a very eager policeman.

‘Well, Constable. It looks like the Peter was driving home, when he received a phone call that caused him to ‘career’ off the road.’

I thank you.

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