The Curse of the Timekeeper

Silver Pocket-watchToday’s daily prompt wants us to…

”Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other, but create a common thread between them by including the same item — an object, a symbol, a place — in each part.”

So, three parts in one post? To me, that seems perfect for three pieces of flash fiction, although they might technically be drabbles seeing as they’re going to be 100 words each.

Anyway, I hope you like at least one of them.

The cold, morning mist swirled around the duelists feet. One wore a silver pocket watch, a gift from the daughter of the other duelist. A gift to an abusive lover that had put the two men back to back with each other, and 20 strides apart.

Both men stood waiting for the signal, the pistol shot that would end one of their lives. Forgetting himself, the duelist took out the silver pocket-watch and stared at the delicate engraving. So en-rapt, that he didn’t hear either of the gun shots.

The pocket-watch hit the grass and briefly glimmered.


‘Dug up a week ago’ the shopkeeper had told him. The pocket-watch wasn’t an antique but it did look like one. After all they only had to think it was expensive so he could steal their cash

He handed over the twenty dollars to the shopkeeper, left and turned down a side-street. Holding up the pocket-watch, the luster had gone but it would be worth a fortune to him.

But his nefarious plan would never be realised. Someone else had noticed his prize, and wanted it for themselves. With the flash of a blade, the pocket-watch had a new owner


Holding the bloodied pocket watch in his hand, he ran down the street putting distance between himself and his crime.

This old watch was definitely worth a few grams, maybe more. He heard the sound of police sirens; they must have found the body. Shit! That was quick.

He stuffed the watch back into his pocket, and ran across the street, checking over his shoulder for police.

He didn’t feel anything when the bus hit him; he was dead before he hit the ground.

When the bus driver got home, he examined the pocket-watch he’d found.

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