Never, Well Just This Once…

“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree?”

The above daily post is definitely one that I agree with certainly as far as religion goes, though the same rules kind of apply to political conversations at least to a lesser extent.

Firstly, I am an atheist or at least agnostic, I have generally no idea of what’s going on earth let alone any ethereal or heavenly planes, so ultimately I try to stay right out of any conversations about religion.

It’s also important to remember that although religion and atheism are both belief systems, religion is founded in faith and atheism, at least to me is derived from logic. Logic and faith do not make good bedfellows, whichever side of the line you’re standing on, you will never know the answer until it’s too late.

You can easily tear holes in most religions from a logical perspective, but faith means to believe ultimately without facts to persuade you. (or words to that effect, anyway) Not to mention the idea, that what we think of as fact now is not what we thought was fact hundreds of years ago. Who’s to say that in a few years’ time we won’t prove god exists by way of science. Belief is solid yet logic and science purely depend on current scientific thinking which is likely to fluctuate over time.

Yet, people do argue. Not just over the existence of a god or gods, but over which religion is the true religion, assuming that a true religion can even exist. In some cases they act even shittier to each other. All over religious differences which they cannot possibly prove, making everything inhumanly ironic as I’m fairly certain that most religions have things to say about hurting and killing each other.

Arguing over religion is like a shark and a scorpion arguing over the best way to fly.

Hmmmm well, I guess this post means that I do discuss religion, just not very often and now I remember the true reason. While writing this, I was cross-examining everything I wrote, trying to make sure that I didn’t offend anybody. I wouldn’t have done that if those post was over which Star Trek Captain is the best (cough, cough Piccard then Jayneway) yet for a post about religion I felt the need to make sure I didn’t offend.

So, if you have been offended by anything I’ve written here, then I do apologise. It certainly wasn’t my intention to do so. I don’t believe in a god or gods that’s true, but I do believe in the positive power of belief on both a personal level and from a community level. How a shared belief can bring people together and provide a purpose to their life.

As far as I am concerned, religion can be a shared by the masses or it can be a personal thing, as long as you are using your religion to be a good person, and not using it to generally be crappy to each other you’re ok by me.

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