Politically Curious

English: Ballot Box showing preferential votingIt seems like a fair while since I’ve written anything here. That’s mostly due to the fact that I have been insanely busy at work, and when I get home I just want to stare blankly at a television screen and attempt to stop the brains from dribbling out of my ears.

However, because my brain has the viscosity of treacle (which is about as firm as it has been for quite a while) I thought, why not put fingers to keys and spit out something, and as the UK is fresh off the back of the General Election I figured that a piece on that would at least be topical.

I’ve never been really into politics. I just can’t seem to get my head round it enough to be interested. I’m thirty-four, and I’ve only voted in the last two general elections, and to be honest for the first one it wasn’t because I wanted to vote, just that I was sick of everyone having a go at me for not voting. Regardless, of why I did vote, and this year I was a little more unselfishly motivated. I chose not to vote initially, because I felt that there was no-one there worth voting for, or sometimes because it wouldn’t do any good. I wasn’t alone in these thoughts; I know that many people share my thoughts today, and thousands of votes go unused because of ideas just like this. Almost, imperceptibly my opinions have changed. Not completely, I still find the political system we have frustrating (though wouldn’t want to swap with anyone) but I just don’t like the idea of not voting now. I don’t like everything happening around me and not doing anything to be involved in it. I’m not going to harp on and preach about how people threw themselves under cars and racehorses to secure your vote because you should never feel browbeaten into voting as I once did, although you should try to find that reason for having your say and casting your vote. Whether it’s to vote someone in, or to keep someone out, you should find your reason. Of course, the next election is four years away, and I waited almost deliberately so this wouldn’t seem like one of those pushy posts. I find it interesting that, this year has been the highest voter turnout since 1997 with over 65% of people turning up to vote. That’s 35% of votes not being cast, or over a third of people not having their say. If those people all voted the same way the election could have dramatically different results. Like I said at the start of this post, I find it difficult to get truly involved in politics as I don’t have the passion and belief that others have. I generally find that I am stuck with the thought that we will only ever know which party is best for the country by being in a situation where we have multiple versions of identical UK’s where we can play out all the alternatives. I can’t wrap my head around how people can get so upset about promises that probably won’t be kept and outcomes they can’t know for sure. After saying that, I’m glad that there are others more passionate than me. Politics is no playground for the ambivalent.


So, what are you thinking?

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