About Me


A page all about me, well there’s not much to say. Well there is but like a lot of people I find it pretty difficult to talk about myself.

Right, well let’s start with the easy stuff. My name’s James Franklin or Jim Franklin to everyone else except my mother. I’m currently working as a systems super-user. Though despite ‘super’ being in my title I can’t fly and I don’t run around in spandex, thankfully. When I do get some spare minutes I’m attempting to forge a meaningful writing career, or playing video games.

Although gaming isn’t the only life pleasure I enjoy, I love watching films, and there’s not many that I won’t watch. I’m not a huge fan of westerns admittedly, but I love classic murder mysteries and every single other genre in-between I’ll give a good go, especially if there’s pizza served with it.

This brings me to me next great love, food. I love the stuff, and like a lot of food lovers, weight has been known to be an issue. From the usual, loving the unhealthy stuff a little too much, but I generally consider myself an omnivore so I eat just as much healthy stuff too. Luckily a period of unemployment last year gave me the chance to get off my ass and go to the gym, and bring everything back in.

What else?

A big guilty pleasure of mine is creating spreadsheets. I know… Nerd Alert!!!! Right? But considering, I already play video games, watch a lot of science fictioni and work in IT, I figured I’m 95% of the way there anyway.

Psychologically there’s a fair bit going on in there. I’m obsessive compulsive, anxious, with huge dollops of Fear of Failure, and a generous dose of low self esteem.

Well, there you go, hope I haven’t scared you off and you’re all doing ok out there in blogland. Hope to see you all around here soon.

5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I must admit though I am on the computer almost every waking hour–even take it to the pool with me while I do pool aerobics and watch a movie or internet TV, I do not know how to make a spreadsheet!!!! I can’t tell you how many times this has been a problem for me in the 30 years I’ve been computer-obsessive! Judy

    1. The whole spreadsheet thing start was part of my job then I found them to be really handy. Now I just have to create then for everything.

      I definitely have a computer thing too, I actually get withdrawal symptoms if I’m away from a screen for more than a few hours. 🙂

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