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Flash Fiction Early to Fall

lava pools hell magma

This week’s Terribleminds.com flash fiction challenge is all based around Hell. We have to write a piece of flash fiction of no more than 1000 words based in or about Hell, which is kinda one of my favourite topics. Why? God knows. That’s something a psychologist and a defense lawyer can worry about.

Not going to bother about writing any pre-amble this time, so let’s get straight in to the fictiony goodness…


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Flash Fiction : Supposed Injustice

Flash Fiction old building orpanage old decrepid ruinI still have some time left over so I thought I’d have another go at Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge. First one is here and it has all the details of the contest, so I won’t bore you with it again. This time I am going to write another piece of flash fiction based on the words that are left over.

  • Whalebone
  • Orphan
  • Hermit
  • Hound
  • Acid

So here we go… Hope you enjoy it.

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Flash Fiction : Foxglove, Lollipop and the Djinn

flash fiction purple smoke gas cloudAfter last’s weeks storming effort to get the Flash Fiction challenge written and uploaded with hours to spare, I’m making sure that this bugger is written in plenty of time. At least that’s the plan. My day is empty apart from trifling pieces of work that keep interrupting me, so there really is no excuse.

This week’s Flash Fiction challenge is a bit of a flash back to earlier challenges, The five random words challenge. Chuck has given us five random words that must form part of the flash fiction.

When I saw the words I instantly had images of those old school reading books, and knew just what I had to do. I’ve chosen Foxglove, Lollipop, Topaz, Djinn and Casket and I’ve got 1000 words and any genre to write about.  Hope you enjoy it, and always looking for comments.

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Flash Fiction : Flash in Ten Chapters

Red demon eyes evil monster darkBoy, Wow, Gee-willigers and holy crap has it been a while since I’ve written any flash fiction. Plenty of excuses( well isn’t there always?) but they aren’t important. The important thing is that I am here to lay a fresh batch of flash fictiony challenge on “yo ass. y’all”.

Hmmm, not sure I’ll try that street talk malarkey again, aaaaaand technically, I’m not laying any kind of flash fiction challenge on a bottom of any kind. I am merely participating in the flash fiction challenge expertly hosted by Mr Wendig at Terribleminds.com.

The challenge this week is to write a piece of flash fiction of no more than a thousand words, except this time we must present it as ten chapters. No other things to consider here, nevertheless I feel that the challenge part of the title may be true to its word.

Here it is…


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Flash Fiction The White Snake (well, Adder)

white snake reptile flash fiction adder This week’s flash fiction challenge ably hosted by Terribleminds.com is a bit of a mash-up thing. First we needed to go to a page of Grimm fairy tales. (here) select the one we wanted, and then with the help of a random number generator decide which genre the tale would be rewritten in.

I decided I would choose the tale of The White Snake for mine (full tale can be found here) and I got super-hero as the genre. It’s not a word for word rewrite of course, I have taken a  fair amount of creative license with this but I think the result still worked well.

Here is my re-written super-hero tale called…

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Flash Fiction Accounting for Revenge

flash fiction accounting adding machine calculatorAlready falling behind on my personal flash fiction writing objective, the Terribleminds flash fiction challenge is just what I need to get back on track. As a small diversion to the usual drill, this week’s challenge is to write a piece of flash fiction that can be up to 2000 words in length. Yes, you read that right a whole 2000 words. This means that I can go into more detail, and hopefully end up with something a little more special. Although I’m away from home this week, so it may be difficult for me to find the time to write this double-length fiction.

The gist of what my flash fiction is split into three sections, ‘who’, ‘where’ and ‘uh-oh!’ Using a random number generator gave me these details.

I rolled and I got these…

  • Who – An accountant
  • Where – a trailer park
  • Uh-oh! – Left for Dead / Out for Revenge

Now the easy part, forming those three points into a well thought-out and perfectly written piece of flash fiction of 2000 words. Ah…

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Flash Fiction – Joe’s Bar (Part 3)

Well we’re now at week three of the Terribleminds.com flash fiction challenge. The challenge being, to add 200 words to an existing piece of flash fiction, slowly building the story until after the five weeks we have a whole load of 1000 word tales.

First, I’m going to draw your attention to Lynna Landstreet’s  continuation of my flash fiction In Too Deep that I think is brilliant.  http://lynnalandstreet.com/stories/in-too-deep-parts-1-2

I have decided to pick up ‘Joe’s Bar’ started by The Urban Spaceman and continued by Rebecca Douglas

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