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Holy Crap! What a Turnaround

For those who have returned to this blog time and time again to read my endless and persistent whining about the difficulties I sometimes have in regards to work, sleeping and generally being just as fabulous as I often tend to think I’m not.

Well, over the past two weeks, it’s like someone has waved a magic wand over me. The troubles I had,  all melted away to nothing. What can I think is the reason behind this? Winning the lottery? Becoming famous? Maybe I’d found ‘The Hidden Treasure of the Sierra Madre?’ Continue reading Holy Crap! What a Turnaround

Still? Really?

It’s amazing how there are some mental triggers that never truly go away.

No matter how old you get, or however much you try to logically think round them, there’s normally some stuff, some tiny little silly thing that can mentally bring us to our knees.

Everybody has something like that to some extent, and how we deal with it (or not as the case may be) is different for all of us.

Is it the offhand comment from a loved one that makes us reach for the big jumper and ice cream, or the casual joke that makes us so angry we want to slap someone. Maybe, it’s just that odd glance someone just gave you that makes you rush to the bathroom and check you don’t have anything on your face. They come in many forms.

One of my biggest triggers and I’ve had it since secondary school (high school for any US readers) is that the sound of teenage girls laughing makes me very nervous and paranoid, I feel as if they are laughing at me.

That, ladies and gentleman is how you make your ego work against you.

Even to this day, when I have, in comparison a fairly ok self body image it still gets me. It gets me to the point that I actively try and listen to them.

Here’s the thing. I’m not sure if I’m listening to prove they’re not talking about me, or listening to prove they are.

I never really find out if course. Well not to a point where I have an answer I’m happy with. Is there an answer is be happy with.

Oscar Wilde himself said…

“There’s only one thing worse than being talked about, and that’s not being talked about.”

The important thing to remember is that without confirmation the negative emotion attached to this thought has been conjured up by nothing more than a baseless opinion.

Though despite what you know, there’ll always be something that can find that chink in your armour.

We are all human after all.

2015, My Objectives for a Dissimilar Me

Fireworks new year resolutionWelcome to 2015, a year which I have decreed is to be a hell of a lot different to 2014 Certainly in respect to my attitude towards myself and the way I do things, but that’s for later in this post.
For those who aren’t aware my overall life goal is to overthrow the shackles of corporate servitude and write for a payable living.

Continue reading 2015, My Objectives for a Dissimilar Me

Egotistical Absurdity

Cousin It adams family long hair monsterYet more time away from the blog not commenting on stuff in a random and I hope fairly interesting way, but I find myself in the rather unenviable position of not really being arsed to do anything. Pro-activity is not really my buzzword at the moment.

Having said all that, I’ve found a few minutes out of my day to write something. I’m not entirely sure what it’s going to be or where it’s going to go, but at least it’s something.

“We all have that one eccentric relative who always says and does the strangest things. In your family, who’s that person, and what is it that earned him/her that reputation?”

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Worry Wart

Fear Scared terror eyes afraidWell, it’s that time again. It’s lunchtime, I’ve stuffed a piri piri ham sandwich down my throat and now I’m raring to get on with today’s daily prompt, which I believe is one that I rather enjoy, although often find it tricky to do without rambling incoherently.

“Our ten-minute free-write is back! Have no mercy on your keyboard as you give us your most unfiltered self (feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).”

In short, I have ten minutes to write about something, and as I never think it is worth preparing for these things, I apologise ahead of time if this is just a meaningless ramble.

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Carefully Following the Curve

Trailblazer fire line burningToday Mr Prompt asks me if I have ever been a trailblazer, thinking or doing something that’s new before anyone else…

“From your musical tastes to your political views, were you ever way ahead of the rest of us, adopting the new and the emerging before everyone else?”

In a word, no. I’ve never been ahead of the curve. I just don’t seem to be in the know. You know these people who just seem to find out about that lesser brand gadget that performs better than the popular ones, or the fantastic unsigned band that are yet to get their break, or that mould-breaking indie-film that showcases a brilliant director, well I’m not one of them and I probably never will be. Continue reading Carefully Following the Curve

85% Thinker

“To be, to have, to think, to move — which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? Or is there another verb that characterizes you better?”

For any regular visitor of this blog, this is a mind-stonkingly easy question from the Daily Prompt that any of you should be able to answer. I’m a thinker, one of the great thinkers you might say. Though not ‘great’ by way of what I think, but because of the sheer overwhelming crappy volume of things I think about.

If you need some proof then have a read at a few of these…

You see, the amount of sheer unadulterated gobbledygook that crosses my mind on a daily basis is unparalleled. Well, at least I hope it is. I hate to think there’s some other poor sod wondering the planet with a head like mine.

Thinking is, almost by definition a good thing. Every action has a thought behind it, yet I can say without doubt that not every thought has an action behind it. In fact if I was to plot the question as a pie chart it would look something like this.

Character Pie Chart

The difficulty with thoughts is that you rarely know if they are going to help you avoid bad experiences or block you from new ones. You know where you are with actions. You take the action to run across a busy road, you’ll find out pretty darn quickly if it was the wrong thing to do as a juggernaut slams into you at 60 miles an hour. A thought that stops you walking down a certain street, is that going to stop you being mugged or meeting your one true love.

Imagine if there was some way to receive a report on your thoughts, something like this.

“Mr Franklin,
Please find attached your Thought Report for September 2014.
  • Number of thoughts = 63,456,734
  • Thought to Activity Conversion rate = 12%
  • No. of incidents avoided by thought = 15 (Breakdown here)
  • No. of opportunities missed due to thinking= 76 (Breakdown here)
  • Primary Monthly Emotion = Paranoia (Breakdown here)
(If you wish to stop receiving paranoid thoughts, please contact our customer services.)”


Of course, the thought has just occurred to me (which of course it would) that the prospect of someone interrogating your mind so thoroughly may just have the teeny-tiniest of downsides. Though if the report was just created out of the ether, with no-one other than myself involved, I think it would be very useful.