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Four Terribly Bad Messages Taken from Frozen

Frozen Disney cover dvd elsa annaFrozen’s been out for a fair amount of time now, and I have seen it. I’ve seen it a number of times actually, and through all the catchy songs, the charismatic moose and messages of sisterhood that are some pretty terrible messages in that movie.

What! Terrible messages in a Disney Movie? Are you sure?

Yep, they’re not even well hidden either, as plain as the nose on your face. (Not meaning to insult your nose, I’m sure it’s very pretty.)

So, here they are the four things that Frozen teaches you that you should in no way take as a life lesson.

4. Good Parenting Starts at Home

The film starts off with the young Elsa accidentally harming her sister whilst they play. Elsa is only very young, and has not yet been taught the responsibility of owning great power. So with Anna gravely wounded by magic the loving and doting parents go to see the local troll, who sagely informs them that Anna is lucky this time but for the sake of both daughters, she is going to have to remove Anna’s memories of Elsa’s magic.

All good so far and it kinda makes sense. Then, and just to ensure that no harm can come to either child the parents decide it’s a good thing to lock Elsa in a room until she can control her magic.

That’s right Elsa’s parents imprison their daughter. Unable to leave the room she must have had a life only Josef Fritzl’s daughter would be envious of. I think it’s actually a good thing that the parents die from drowning, just to stop the mental and emotional abuse.

That’s not to mention Anna who has to deal with the fact that her best friend and sister is now locked up and ignoring her, for the next twelve or so years.

3. A Ruler to Rule us All

If you knew of someone who had spent the last twelve years locked away, struggling with controlling her magic, burdened with the news that her parents have just drowned, and who has had absolutely no contact with her the outside world except for presumably the staff who put her tray of gruel under the door of her cell-like bedroom, would you think “Well, she’ll make a good queen”?

Well, luckily Queens aren’t voted for so she becomes one anyway. No wonder she freaks out and nearly skewers everyone at the ball with large shards of ice. What would you expect?

2. Run Away!!!

The major lesson of the film or at least the song that every parent with a child under the age of 18 has been singing for the best eighteen months, is that if you feel burdened with pressure you should relax and ‘Let it go’. The song is shortly after everyone discovers Elsa has magic, she nearly kills a few people and then flees from the castle to wander over the snowy hills and sing her troubles away.

Well, I’m not buying it. That song should just be called ‘Run Away’. Run away if you can’t face your problems, run away rather than apologise for your mistakes. Ultimately, if there’s a situation you can’t deal with just scarper and hide in the mountains until it all goes away. That’s what strong role-models do? Oh wait, hang on. They don’t!

1. Cold Hearted Killer

When Elsa gets a bit mad at the ball, and starts what could basically be considered an ice age, the entire land is covered in snow and ice. Don’t worry though because by the end of the film she cancels the spell and gains control of all her powers and so on and the entire village loves her again.

Well hang on, what about the elderly and the young that would have been caught out by such a freak drop in temperature and all the wildlife that is in no way prepared for a change in weather like that. Then there are the plants, and the crops that would have been ruined by all that ice and snow.

Elsa, didn’t just make things a little nippy, she probably ruined the economy and production of the city for months and years to come. One of the first things Queen Elsa would have to do in power would be to raise taxes across the kingdom to pay for fixing the economy, unless she’s planning on selling ice sculptures, taxes are the only way to go.

Then again, at the end of the film no-one else in the town seems to care about the ruined economy and all the deaths. Though, I suppose, if my ruler could kill us all with ice spikes without drawing breath I’d be a little reticent about showing my displeasure as well.

Of, course maybe I’m misreading the whole thing. What do you think?

Holy Crap! What a Turnaround

For those who have returned to this blog time and time again to read my endless and persistent whining about the difficulties I sometimes have in regards to work, sleeping and generally being just as fabulous as I often tend to think I’m not.

Well, over the past two weeks, it’s like someone has waved a magic wand over me. The troubles I had,  all melted away to nothing. What can I think is the reason behind this? Winning the lottery? Becoming famous? Maybe I’d found ‘The Hidden Treasure of the Sierra Madre?’ Continue reading Holy Crap! What a Turnaround

Still? Really?

It’s amazing how there are some mental triggers that never truly go away.

No matter how old you get, or however much you try to logically think round them, there’s normally some stuff, some tiny little silly thing that can mentally bring us to our knees.

Everybody has something like that to some extent, and how we deal with it (or not as the case may be) is different for all of us.

Is it the offhand comment from a loved one that makes us reach for the big jumper and ice cream, or the casual joke that makes us so angry we want to slap someone. Maybe, it’s just that odd glance someone just gave you that makes you rush to the bathroom and check you don’t have anything on your face. They come in many forms.

One of my biggest triggers and I’ve had it since secondary school (high school for any US readers) is that the sound of teenage girls laughing makes me very nervous and paranoid, I feel as if they are laughing at me.

That, ladies and gentleman is how you make your ego work against you.

Even to this day, when I have, in comparison a fairly ok self body image it still gets me. It gets me to the point that I actively try and listen to them.

Here’s the thing. I’m not sure if I’m listening to prove they’re not talking about me, or listening to prove they are.

I never really find out if course. Well not to a point where I have an answer I’m happy with. Is there an answer is be happy with.

Oscar Wilde himself said…

“There’s only one thing worse than being talked about, and that’s not being talked about.”

The important thing to remember is that without confirmation the negative emotion attached to this thought has been conjured up by nothing more than a baseless opinion.

Though despite what you know, there’ll always be something that can find that chink in your armour.

We are all human after all.

Give me Just a Little More Time.

traffic journey commute work cars traffic jam

Right, well my plan seemed fairly simple today. Head out reasonably early, go on a half an hour bike ride and then end up at a popular branded coffee shop chain for a gorgeous cup o’ the black stuff. Where upon I would retrieve ‘yon trusty laptop’ and write a blog post about my new job and why I am so excited.

Although, now I’m sitting at the popular branded coffee shop with my gorgeous cup o’ the black stuff I find that I can’t connect to the internet. For the love of god, won’t someone think of the children.

No… internet… can’t function. Can’t… see cat videos on Youtube or see what people had for lunch on Facebook. Oh, actually that clearly doesn’t matter but it does put a bit of a crimp on blogging. Blogging not writing, so like network connections of the late nineties, this post is going to have delay of about half an hour. Or so I thought until I remembered my phone has tethering.

All that is completely unimportant and rather dull, sadly. However it was just a segway that apparently went on far longer than it should have.

Anyway, about my new job. After looking on and off for a new job for about a year and gradually becoming in more and more of a worse state, I’ve been offered a new job, and rather obviously I’ve taken it.

From a work level it is so much more suited to the way I work and what I can do, but I’m not going to really touch on that because although it is a good reason, it is only the secondary reason for why I moved.

The primary reason is time. Currently, because I can’t drive I am reliant on public transport and my journey to and from work can in the worst of journey’s take away 3 hours of my life. My new job is half an hour away.

Let’s just do the rough maths on those figures. A difference of 2 hours traveling every work day, works out at 10 hours saved a week, 40 hours saved a month, and about 500 hrs or over 20 days’ worth of my time saved over the year.

20 days! Its phenomenal when you think of it in those terms. For the neh-sayers out there who would tell me that I could never actually use all twenty hours of that time, a lot of it would be frittered away on other things. Like the ten pounds you withdraw from an ATM for a one pound item and because you have that change in your pocket it gets spent on other crap things you may not have bought if you didn’t have the change.

Is it like that? Yeah, maybe.

Ultimately the point is that my new job is a lot less demanding on my personal life. A consistent twelve-hour work day has brought on anxiety and stress which has exacerbated my insomnia, which in turn added to my anxiety and stress and so on. It’s not a viable way of working. I certainly don’t love my job to death.

In short, I just have this feeling that 2015 is going to be a bit more happy-happy-joy-joy than 2014, which in it’s own horrible and unique way was a large bucket of pigs offal with so much crap going on both personally and with friends and family that it is best buried deep, and never thought of again. Rather like Dharma & Greg in that respect.

Starting to be Great

Well, here we are again. Another week has gone by (probably, I haven’t checked the date but it certainly feels like it) and its time that I drag myself out of my pit to write one of the daily prompts.

Today’s prompt has a pictorial theme to it

“Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.”

I’m not entirely sure whether the word I chose was random by a dictionary definition but it did kinda pop into my head so I’m counting it.

My word was ‘Starting’ and the eleventh picture in Google pointed to this little image here, ably shown on www.dizzymomchronicles.com.

Starting Great Proverb Saying Phrase

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great”

Words that are a lot wiser than I initially thought and they are permeating every element of my life.

Particularly, I will rarely start anything unless I can be sure that everything has been planed and catered for, so that in the event of anything going wrong I am fully prepared for all eventualities. On the outset this doesn’t sound so bad, after all what can be so bad about mitigating risk and bad events that could add complications further down on the line?

Well, normally nothing when used sparingly, however I tend to go a little bit over the top and I attempt to plan for anything and everything that may happen, from slight bumps in the road to massive catastrophes, the end result being that I don’t actually start to do the thing that I am planning so hard for.

If you’re familiar with the UK Sitcom Red Dwarf, a character called Arnold Rimmer was desperate to become an Officer in the Space corp, but he could never pass his Astro-Navigation exam, in fact he had failed it thirteen times (though this changes depending on the episode)

Apart from his inability to sit them, he would spend months planning for his exams. He would create the perfect revision plan that covered everything in a practical and inclusive way. The trouble was by the time his plan was finished he only had a single night to study everything, and that was too late.

I can certainly relate.

After a while, I find phrases like ‘Well, I can’t do that until’ or ‘It would easier doing that later’ creeping into my excuse diary. (oh, if you don’t have an excuse diary it can be quite handy at making you see just how many excuses you’re making for things.)

I never start, because I have set myself ridiculously high standards. I read through the novel that I’m writing (and have re-started three times, by the way). I read through it, and decide internally that just because the opening draft doesn’t read like a best seller that there is no point in continuing with it. Which I know logically, is as daft as saying because a baby doesn’t look like an adult that they’ll never grow up. However logical mind and crazy mind rarely see eye to eye on these things. Crazy mind tells me that if I don’t start I can’t fail, so it’s all safe.

This is why I have  my goals for this year are about continual movement not a jump-start. I’ll keep moving on all the things I want to do and not let myself get distracted by, well myself really. I’m just trying to get into the process of doing things without worrying that the end result won’t be perfect. After all, it will be even less perfect if I don’t start.

>So are you impulsive or a procrastinator? Which are you?

Goodbye Mr Grinch

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Tis the season to be… well it’s sometimes considered  the season to be broke, tired, stressed and suffering from acute indigestion and today’s daily prompt is all about that.

“The holiday season: can’t get enough of it, or can’t wait for it all to be over already? Has your attitude toward the end-of-year holidays changed over the years?”

Though, to be fair although the opening sentence sounded as if all I was going to do was to rant and rave about all the bad things about Christmas, well guess what? I’m not.

Continue reading Goodbye Mr Grinch

Egotistical Absurdity

Cousin It adams family long hair monsterYet more time away from the blog not commenting on stuff in a random and I hope fairly interesting way, but I find myself in the rather unenviable position of not really being arsed to do anything. Pro-activity is not really my buzzword at the moment.

Having said all that, I’ve found a few minutes out of my day to write something. I’m not entirely sure what it’s going to be or where it’s going to go, but at least it’s something.

“We all have that one eccentric relative who always says and does the strangest things. In your family, who’s that person, and what is it that earned him/her that reputation?”

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