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Unfinished Hell

demon eyes monster redToday’s daily post, that I am making a concerted effort to find the time to do today is about leftovers or finishing something you started.. I figured the three minutes I had for lunch means I have a further 57 minutes to work on the Daily Post.

“Today, publish a post based on unused material from a previous piece –a paragraph you nixed, a link you didn’t include, a photo you decided not to use. Let your leftovers shine!”

Well, I don’t have anything that’s been trimmed off  but this is the first part of a piece of fiction, possible novel that I started writing, but then ultimately ran out of time before I even started it, which so often happens. Well, I didn’t get rid of it so I think it warrants a little more time today.

I can’t promise that it will be a complete flash-fiction as that requires an ending, but I’ll just go with it for a bit and you can let me know if it is worth continuing even further.

The italic bit is the bit I had already…

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Flash Fiction – The Job

Chicken SandwichToday you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must include a speeding car, a phone call, and a crisp, bright morning. (Wildcard: you can swap any of the above for a good joke.)

I think the only response to today’s daily prompt is to write a piece of flash fiction. It’s been a while since I’ve written any. So, I’ll write some flash fiction that includes a…

  • speeding car
  • phone call
  • crisp bright morning.

My propensity is to write about dark, tragic events often with violence or there’s just plain weirdness going on, but risking a teeny-tiny spoiler, I’m going to keep things on the lighter side. That’s right, it’s all going to be hugs and puppies as far as this is concerned.

Ok, so here we go…


The sky was a reddish-orange that most people only see in the winter, and the grass dusted with frost. Mike held the hot thermos of coffee in his hands and waited for his lift. John was never on time.

Ten minutes became an hour, the orange of the sky eventually gave way to a pale, morning blue streaked with golden clouds and there was still no sign of Mike. John was Mike’s work colleague and they generally got on well enough, it wasn’t so much that he was late that was bothering him as Mike always planned for things in plenty of time but it was excruciatingly cold. His coffee was now offering little more than slow warmth and he had stopped feeling his toes about fifteen minutes ago, got knows if his fingers could still function at this temperature, though he would find that out later.

Just as Mike started to wonder if he would ever turn up, John’s Audi spun round the corner, and came screeching to a halt next to him.

Subtle, thought Mike as the window rolled down and a warm cloud of cigarette smoke billowed out into the morning that made Mike’s eyes water. All John had to do was drive Mike around, and not stand out. John was a good driver, but blending in was not his forte.

‘Sorry I’m late, chap. Been waiting long?” shouted John over the sound of Wagner.

‘Long enough’ said Mike passively as he got into the passenger seat.

The journey didn’t take long and as John yammered on and on about nothing while spraying most of his chicken sandwich across his lap, Mike remained focused. He looked at the picture on his lap, it was of a man in a dark suit, taking an envelope from another man in a dark suit. Mr Carnascis was no stranger to taking envelopes, and today they were going to finally get him. Two months of planning and it all came down to this, he had one shot. If he blew it his boss would give them hell.

As they pulled up Mike’s phone rang, flipping it open he held it up to his ear and listened without saying a word. After a few seconds he clicked the phone shut again.

John threw the remnants of his chicken sandwich out of the car window and looked at Mike, with the kind of nervous excited look that all new guys had.

Mike smiled.

‘Change of plan…?” said John.

There was a popping sound and John slumped forward in his seat,

Mike, took the revolver out of his pocket, and refilled the chamber, just as Mr Carnascis car pulled into view.

‘Sorry John, this guy’s mine.’


Yeah, alright I know I said it wouldn’t get dark… and I tried I really did.

The Trouble with Gary

“We often capture strangers in photos we take in public. Open your photo library, and stop at the first picture that features a person you don’t know. Now tell the story of that person.”

I had a fair bit of difficulty with today’s Daily Post, as I spend a fair bit of time and effort to make sure that people I don’t know aren’t in my photos. Well, after trawling through all of the photo’s on my mobile, I found one that had some people in it.

Dunham Massey Stamford Military Hospital National Trust

For those who are interested the photo itself is of Dunham Massey Stamford Military Hospital in Cheshire, UK. You can find out more about it here and it’s well worth a visit.

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Flash Fiction : The Performers

Fire breather performerWith another half an hour to spare, it’s time for another half hour, flash fiction challenge. I’ve randomly generated ten words, and I have to write a piece of flash fiction of no more than 100 words which must include all ten of those words and all written within the space of half an hour.

My words are…

Spectacular, cream, acrid, scarf, dream, costume, magic, underwear, guarantee, wrap

If you want to have a go, please do. Just drop a link to your blog or your flash fiction story in the comments below. I wonder what you’ll do with the words.

Off we go…

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Flash Fiction : Feelin’ Chipper

Wood chipper machineDrawing back on that ever popular resource, the random number generator I am going to generate ten random words. That was the easy bit, now I need to write a piece of 200 word flash fiction using all of those ten words. There can be slight changes e.g. clock to clocks or walked to walking etc. but they all have to appear. Oh yeah, I almost forgot I have to write it in thirty minutes or less as well.

Clean, inexpensive, earsplitting, excellent, quack, chin, meat, match, chew, snow

I urge anyone who wants to, to have a go.

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Flash Fiction Early to Fall

lava pools hell magma

This week’s Terribleminds.com flash fiction challenge is all based around Hell. We have to write a piece of flash fiction of no more than 1000 words based in or about Hell, which is kinda one of my favourite topics. Why? God knows. That’s something a psychologist and a defense lawyer can worry about.

Not going to bother about writing any pre-amble this time, so let’s get straight in to the fictiony goodness…


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Flash Fiction : First Day

flash fiction hero black maskAnother flash fiction challenge from Terribleminds.com, this time our challenge was to use a randomly chosen TV trope from www.tvtropes.org

Once you know what your TV trope is, you write a piece of flash fiction based on that concept. I got this one…

“The Hero has burst into the scene, has saved the girl, and is holding the villain at sword/gun-point. The villain, bewildered, demands “Who are you?” The hero responds with a Badass Boast. ”

It took me while to know where I was going to go with this, but I kinda like where it ended.

Let me know what you think, of course. After all, that is what the comments bit is for. I’ve heard tales that for everyone who reads this flash fiction and doesn’t comment, an angel gets a minor case of dermatitis, true story. So you see, you have to comment unless you want more flaky angels, and nobody wants that… do you?

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